Network War, Nuclear Explosion, At Sa Mga Taong Nangarap Magdala ng Anak ni Patrick Garcia

I’m actually still writing that book “The Way of the Jologs” and I dont think I’ll finish it anytime soon because of the following reasons:

  • I’m broke.
  • I’m too tired to edit it.
  • I’m afraid to be the laughing stock of the new millennium.

Yes! There’s this itty-bitty conscious part of me that’s apprehensive in finishing it because if I become famous for the wrong reasons, I might cry. The other side to that would be: if somebody releases a book like this and suddenly becomes famous, I’ll definitely cry!

So why am I telling you this? Well, coz I put an article on that book (under the part where I predict the future …whattagiveaway!) and I said that a civil war in the Philippines will never be initiated by the anti/government, but rather, by the Kapuso and Kapamilya networks. Ah! Looks like my predictions are coming true ..Nostradamus, here I come!

Meanwhile, it’s the 2nd week of my New Years resolution to go around the blogosphere and post the most interesting articles of the week. Below is week 2:

  1. Witness the birth of blogosphere’s most evil restaurant manager – “ANNE!
  2. AnnaManila on the UP Centennial, plus a picture of two celebrities.
  3. How do you fake a nuclear explosion? Why, get artists of course. They’ll make it sooo awesome! Lolz.
  4. Noemi Dado on blogger conversations in the family. Made me go “awwwe.”
  5. Billycoy has a story about ABSCBN, GMA, AGB and an egg competition.
  6. I kinda wanna talk smack in front billionaires sometimes. That’s why I love Conan. He destroys!
  7. Wanna defy God?
  8. The most interesting post this week goes to Greenpinoy for releasing his “I Heart Greenpinoy” gallery.

Lastly, I’d like to call on everyone to pause for a moment of silence. May the dreamers in us wake up to the reality that some people aren’t met for us …especially if we’ve never met them. Dont worry, there’s still Chris Tiu and Zach Efron.

17 thoughts on “Network War, Nuclear Explosion, At Sa Mga Taong Nangarap Magdala ng Anak ni Patrick Garcia

  1. lols. gudluck to yer book.

    anyways, i am in this goddamned side of the planet where what-used-to-be-kiddie-pop-stars turn out sluts as early as the age of 15.

    and yes, hennessy is indeed the yum!


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