Back when I played good basketball, I really played good basketball. I remember those times when I would be the one to shoot winning shots. Those times when I would get to play with the pros. Not that it’s a big deal. You just go to Green Meadows, or Valle Verde I, or White Plains at the right time and you might be able to play with PBA pros and actors for that matter. But I do realize that there must be millions of pinoys who would grab that chance in a heartbeat.

I was once asked by the highschool coach if I wanted to try out for the team. Back in those days, that was equivalent to an assurance that you would indeed make it to the team. I had my backing… there were four boys in the family and at that point, everyone of my brothers were in the varsity. My kuya (Michael) played PAYA and PRADA, my younger brother (Carlo) played for the Father Martin’s, and the youngest in the family (Francis) played with the SBP (he was in the same team as Macky Escalona back when he was still in LSGH, yes peepz he was Green before he was Blue). All my brothers played guard. The coach that approached me must’ve seen me play with my Kuya one afternoon.

But I guess it was the feeling that I had to separate myself from my brothers that I chose a different path – the chess team. The chess team did not get that much attention. In fact, it hardly got any attention at all. That was my cross-over to the unnoticed world. It was an odd mix when everyone of my brothers were almost known for their skills and here I came… and I was part of the family. Hahaha.