This is a rant.

I haven’t even gotten over the disappearance of all my links (about 20 of them) and now I am dealing with another self deprecating circumstance. That’s as general as I can get… i know someone will be reading this and will be very affected; and since I do not want to go to specifics, let me just give you a lesson.

Example #1. PLAYING DOTA!
When your friends wanna play Dota, you conform. You learn the game. You save money for the game. You talk about it. You dream about it. That’s called conformity. Conventionality is when everybody else is playing Dota, and you’re playing counterstrike.

Example #2. SMOKING
When your friends tell you to smoke and you do smoke, you are conforming. When your friends tell you to smoke and you don’t, that’s conventionality.

Having said that, conventionality and conformity may either be good or bad depending on the situation. Sometimes it would be good to be conventional (conservative), sometimes it would be good to conform (be liberal).

Now let’s take case #3.
Conventionally, if your boyfriend is cheating on you, you break up with him. Conforming to the situation is plainly to live with it.

I therefore conclude you break up with him.

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