Rich Dad, Poor Dad

I called a friend 3 days ago. For some reason I remembered his birthday and so I dropped a line. The dude was surprised; he hadn’t heard from me in nearly 2 years. He was appreciative of the call specially because, as he claimed, it was “long distance” (i missed that word). He’s working in a call center earning about 20K every month, and I said I’m working as a grocery clerk for about 10 bucks an hour.

The guy computes in his head muttering the operations as he goes about solving. I must say, he was very good in math. He begins to rationalize; there must be such a huge pile of gold here in the US for a person in a dead-end job like me to be making a lot more than “HE” who actually has a career. (That’s not how he said it, that’s just how i took it.)

Further on, He tells me to read Rich Dad, Poor Dad. He also demands a pair of jeans. I tell him that I’ll probably get it to him by June since we might be sending a box. Suddenly, he tells me to have ‘taste’ …he begins to name the brands he prefers to get. Finally, after a couple more minutes of materialism, he tells me he has somewhere to go. He name drops the friends of his friends who are supposedly actors or sons of people who live in mansions.

“I too live in a mansion!” I tell him jokingly. “It has one bedroom, one bathroom, a walk-in closet, and the living room is just acroos the kitchen.” He then tells me that I live in a condo, hence, I laughed at my own joke.

It’s not about the money, but why do I feel like I’m obliged to give to people who aren’t even my relatives? I know to some it is a sort of expression (coz that’s what everybody in the Philippines tell their friends) but, man, this guy was unique. For a moment I realized why I haven’t been calling for the last 2 years. He’s smart enough to compute my salary and he forgets that I am spending for 5-dollar cigarettes, 12-dollar haircuts, 15-dollar meals, and 10-dollar movie tickets. That doesn’t even include my phonebill, my credit card, my internet connection and my T..eFf’n…C! And, fyfi, I don’t wanna buy Rich Dad, Poor Dad coz everyone in the Pinoy MLM industry bought that book!

**shrug + rolleyes**

My hormones must be raging… i need to get laid.

3 thoughts on “Rich Dad, Poor Dad

  1. bwahahahah… yeah you need to get laid 🙂

    i get that a lot too but relatives i never knew and who never bothered to help me out while i was in manila…

    and i just ignore them…

  2. i know what you mean. it must’ve just been too overwhelming for me… specially when he gave me his waist line, the length of the jeans he wanted, and the types of brand he preferred getting (wag daw jologs… i mean, c’mon, i’m not cheap… i’m only poor!)


  3. one night, my mom barged into my room and handed me that rich dad/poor dad book. “read that”, she said. ayun, binasa ko naman, i pretty much read everything. ngayon, she’s asking me to work for her company. syempre, i dont like. haha. sabi nya “para ke pa’t pinabasa ko sayo yung libro, di ba?” ayun, naalala ko lang with the book.

    padalhan mo din ako. lol

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