I was browsing around the net in the last two days and I came across some very interesting blogs. I wanted to link all of them, but I didn’t want to be associated with some. ahehehehe. That’s honesty for everyone.

A friend told me everyone’s blogging nowadays. Which is a bit weird considering I’ve been blogging since 2003… how come I didn’t notice. Apparently, the reason for my alienation is because nobody blogs in blogger anymore. They all transfered to wordpress or multiply.. darn! Some of my friends blog in livejournal and blogdrive which makes it more irritating. At least, nobody blogs in friendster anymore.

I just wished there was a pinoy blog directory…

maybe we should just put one up… no, maybe I should just put one up. But that would entail a website and that costs some money. C’mon do you really think creating a yahoo group for bloggers would work? blah! That’s gonna be filled with marketers in no time. Oh well.

14 thoughts on “BLOG DROP!

  1. actually, there is an existing directory for filipino blogs. i remember signing up for an account or something similar so that i can put in the list.

    sorry, i can’t give you any further information though. i forgot all the rest.

  2. don’t you just hate how friendster bloggers litter your e-mail inbox? shet noh?

    i guess if you want to be read by many, u’d have to do a bit of blog whoring.

    nice site.

  3. there are lots of directory of pinoy blogs..

    thanks for dropping by.. interesting way to put it.. blogdrop… i always hear.. the term “bloghop” but not “blogdrop” 🙂

  4. thanks for the drop… guess what? i’ve just recently joined a ygroup in, you might wanna try it if you want to be in with the pinoy bloggers. it’s been fun so far… 😀

    come by more often…

  5. hey mas astig ka kaya…
    o wala ka din sa tatay ko, astig din yun…
    tsaka sa kapit bahay namin, astig din yung aso nila…

    anyway, im really bad at getting compliments… but i know ‘thank you’ would have sufficed. thanks for linking me, im also linking you (not because you linked me but because i think your blog is worth linking to- kinda like identifying myself with the cool ones… :p). and for thinking that im ‘astig’…

    imagine how i would be if you actually complemented me as a person (lol)… i would be all red, and inlove with you.


    oh well, about the blog drop thing- i think it would be pretty good to get a group of individuals (or just you if you have all the time) to make a certain directory of all pinoy blogs out there and then make a small intro or profile for each blog.
    kinda like one of those magazines that feature restaurants or other gimik places every month or every week- only thing is its on the world wide web…
    i dont know if you get mydrift… i hope so… if not, i just wasted your space and time… lol


    Sure there are many Pinoy blog directories existing. Have you listed your blog in Pinoy Top Blogs already? That is the best Pinoy blog ranking site around. I’m sure you know Yuga…

    Oh, the first Philippine Blog Awards was held last Month.

  7. @talksmart
    yeah i’ve been to Piny Top Blogs a couple of times. but i was thinking more of a community site, i know pinoy blog directories act like that in some way, and then there’s the beauty of technorati, digg, etc.

    I said in the post that i consider existing pinoy blog directories to be glorified link lists. I stand by that because if you look at the top blogs in the site, it’s filled with probloggers.

    i dont really have anything against probloggers. i’ve come across yuga’s blogs, and i think his ideas rock! but i also notice that 4 or 5 of those blogs just say the same thing that we read in the news, or watch in entertainment today. some will only repost sex scandals or videos taken from YouTube or the likes. So much for original content, huh?! And that doesn’t sound like it benefits non probloggers.

    ah this has come too long.. and i think i haven’t really explained myself enough. i’ll just post an article soon. meanwhile, i hope you understand my stand. i do not oppose anyone, or anything in other people’s blogs. This is just me thinking aloud.

    Kanya-kanyang trip lang yan. 😉

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