I pulled a pink shirt out of the closet today. When it’s a sun-lit afternoon and you’re gonna watch ‘Blades of Glory,’ pink doesn’t sound too bad to wear. Today, however, wasn’t a good day.

One reason was because I had to commute. Here in the US you don’t get the bus to stop wherever you want. You have to go to the bus stop and wait there. Unfortunately though, the bus that gets to the mall is a 20-minute walk from my place.

Now, in a neighborhood where you meet guys with the names ‘Bruno’ ‘Dindo’ and ‘Pimpdaddy,’ pink isn’t really a very …uhm …common shade. It’s usually silver… often found on teeth, spinning rims and other accessories collectively called “blingblings!”

So when I took that walk I just didn’t feel right, and t’was only ’til I reached the mall that I felt safe.

Here are the other things that happened to me.

1. a man driving an old ugly car nudged his car to the sidewalk (probably thought I was gay and wanted to see me scream for fun. I only looked at him to see if he was drunk or something, he smiled at me.)

2. I missed the bus.

3. while reading in a bookstore a girl deliberately bumped my chair and when I looked at her, she said ‘oh, sorry’ and then I heard giggles from behind. (I didn’t care to look at them; I was reading a really good book – HOW TO MAKE MOVIES FOR LESS THAN $10,000)

4. There was some sort of burn from the stares of people. One guy (whom I assume was gay) viciously stared at me to the point where I had to acknowledge him. I smiled back, he smiled too, and then I went past their table and ran for my life.

When finally I reached the movie house, I texted a friend to ask her about gimik. She said she didn’t want to go out “It’s friday the 13th.”

Well that explains everything.

13 thoughts on “BURNED IN PINK

  1. scary muntik na experiences ha! hehe… kahit saan ka naman sa mundo, things like that happens na. mga tao nga naman noh?!

    friday the 13th… hehe..

  2. the weird thing about it was that all of it happened in less than two hours. bwahahaha… i still blame the shirt. 😉

  3. sa unang pagkakataon–
    ngayong eto ang pinakamaswerteng friday the 13th ko.

    ingat ingat ka.

    di ko alam kung saan magiiwan ng message.
    dito na lang siguro.

  4. Hmm. Interesting. You got all those stares just because of the shirt?

    Does that really matter? People there are kinda freaky.

  5. @superxienah – thanks for dropping by

    @ tea – i know. it’s like you’re in a different country or something. then again…

  6. Apparently, Friday the 13th didn’t deliver much hellish karmas to me. I even enjoyed my day. 😀

    Or maybe it’s not because it is Friday the 13th. Let’s rather blame it on that pink shirt. 😀

  7. friday the 13th vs the pink shirt…

    i think it was the shirt. seriously.

    but then again, for me, guys look really hot in pink shirts… i was inlove with this guy and i gave him a pink polo shirt for Christmas… and he loved it but he didnt love me… lol

    however, i am just one (wo)man with one opinion… i dont know how the people there (where you are) think…

    or maybe you had something weird printed on the shirt like ‘love me or hate me’ or ‘i know we both think that you want me’. lol

    hhehe lol…
    i actually know a guy who has that shirt… lol
    im sorry im blabbing…
    funny entry though.. .lol

  8. i really do think it’s the shirt. i never really cared when i sisn’t know how to drive yet dito sa US. kaloka, lakad tlga ko ever from bahay to mall in all my pink glory. bahala ung mga thugs at gangsta kung ano gagawin nila saken. hahaha.

  9. this is a funny post! you should wear green..its the new pink! dont wear purple ha… its so gay like barney the gaytard! thanks for droppin by my blogs..i already linked urs… cheers!

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