“you’re the perfect example why first world citizens laugh at us.
pardon me… don’t be another brown monkey. there’s no such thing as taglish. people who use such, are those who are having a hard time communicating in straight english. might as well do your entries in tagalog.”

Got this comment from another blog and I just couldn’t but feel some sort of grim laughter inside me. This is the type of person I do not want to be associated with.

Well, if we were being technical about grammar this elitist would’ve:
1. begun every sentence with a capital letter.
2. put the word “taglish” and “tagalog” inside quotations (or in italics).
3. not use a comma where it said “people who use such, are those…”
4. there is no such thing as “STRAIGHT ENGLISH.”
5. the last sentence was a phrase.

“Reason has always existed, but not always in a reasonable form.”
Karl Marx, Father of Communism

End notes:
I am not a communist. My grammar is also horrible. ahehehe

7 thoughts on “KARL MARX WAS RIGHT

  1. mga pinoy masyado critical sa grammar, siguro nakakatulong. pero outside phils mga tao nag-uusap pars magkaintindihan kahit balulauktot ang dila, pero mayamang bansa sila a.

  2. exactly. wala naman masama sa taglish eh.. tinawag pa niyang brown monkey yung may ari nung samantalang siya naman yung nakiki-basa.

    also, people here in the US treat english in the same way pinoys treat tagalog, that is, for granted!

    for me there is nothing wrong about ‘wrong grammar’ so long as the message is relayed properly.

  3. Omigoolay…
    can you tell me who ‘ít’ is so i can wring her neck…

    or slit her throat while ‘it’ is sleeping…

    hahaha… kainis…

  4. I agree. Ano ba naman yung mag-taglish, di naman nya blog yun. Sana man lang inisa-isa nya yung mali sa grammar nung tao at binigyan ng impormasyon ukol sa tamang grammar at hindi yung nag-comment lang nga may pang-aalipusta.

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