“What are you doing?” The greeting of the seven year old girl was as pleasant as the California sun. The innocence in her voice gave me a feeling of warmth that had me smile as I answered, “I’m making a sandwich.”

“Why?” She asks with still that pleasant innocent voice. “So I could eat. I’m very hungry,” I tell her.

“Why?” She says again, to which I replied “I wasn’t able to eat lunch so I’m very hungry.”

“Why?” She says again, this time with a sly smile that tells you she’s playing. However, the fact that she was only a seven-year old made you wanna take up your pride and confront her. Bring it on bitch!

I answered the question and, as expected, her reply was only ‘Why?’ The conversation goes on and on.

Now, when you try doing this to yourself you will get to a point where you’ve been emptied of the world, and find that you do not have any reason for some of the things you do. At one point it made me feel like a worthless human being, that I had lost my soul and that I had lived without purpose. And it had to come from a seven year old.

Still, I would not allow myself to be beaten by this kid. So, in true adult fashion I looked her straight in her eyes and, thinking of the one reply that would finally shut her up and allow me to enjoy my sandwich, sarcastically answered “I.. do.. not.. know!!!”

She paused allowing the world to calm down and have this eerie sort of peace.

Then, out of nowhere, she exploded in an evil Dakota Fanning type of laughter that confused my mind and reminded me of the Underworld. She then turned around and ran away leaving me with that dim thought in mind.

The End

this was my adversary

End Notes
these things really happen in the normal world, I just wanted to write about it in a darker sort of funny kind of way.