I had always told myself that when I turn 27 I’m gonna buy a house, and by that I mean with a paper that has my signature on it. The house I live on has my mom’s.

Anyway, now that I’m already 25 years old, it just feels like that perfect time… although, one minor thing stands in my way, I’m broke! ahehe.

I’m usually pretty good at setting goals for myself and my parents have been supportive of me being on my own since I was four – I threatened our maid that I would leave the house if she didn’t… and my parents allowed me to (yes! they took the maid’s side… eh sa ayoko ng carrots eh) Well, I didn’t leave. Instead I came up with a plan to get the maid out of the house. Days before I turned 20, my plan succeeded.

So there. I was looking at the houses here in “the Area” and nothing seemed to fit my no-budget-policy. “Whoah, i’ll probably end up buying a house in the Philippines.”

Having a house in the Philippines is ok but I would really like to live where I could settle. A house in the Philippines would only be like a vacation pad, and I would still have to buy one out here. nyark..

Oh well, my Novermber 2009 deadline is very far. I have just enough time to device another plan for me to save and buy the house I’ve set my eyes on, and judging by the success of Oplan Alis Katulong (‘Mission – Maid Dispersal’) I think I could pull yet another mission.

I’m calling it Oplan Mama, Pautang Muna.. Ayoko pang mag-Gigolo.

End notes:
I will never afford that house.

13 thoughts on “MY DREAM HOUSE

  1. hahaha yeah boy. bad ka ha. 🙂 paalisin ba daw ang katulong. pero ganun din ako. haha. ayoko kce ng intrimiditang katulong at sumbungero.

    ang cute.. ‘sa ayoko nga ng carrots.’ wahaha. bkt ayaw mo?

    tskk.. mukhang maganda yang plano mo since ayaw mo mag gigolo. hahaha.

    naku.. gusto ko rin bumili ng house. actually kahit condo lng. kaso.. pag gumuho ung bldg kawawa naman ako. hehe!

  2. Hiya hiya! 😀 Bahay ba yan? Seems like it’s an apartment na nasa taas ng (shop?). Haha! Pero it’s okay. maganda naman eh! 😀

  3. @ikay – concern ko rin yung pagguho kasi d b medyo maangas mga earthquakes dito sa california. pero dream ko tlga yung magkaron ng bahay sa loob ng mall. ahehe

    @krisha – i subscribed to your RSS feed na. i’ll visit you often (naks! parang nanay!)

  4. hey! thanks for dropping by mine. . i like the way you write, ahaha. keep it up! and good luck with that dream house. 😀

  5. You still have 2 years to look for a partner…. Hmmm buying a nice house (in a good area) by yourself is a pressure. The mortgage would eat all your savings up… (unless your earning 100+ dollars an hour)… I am not under-estimating you… I am just basing it through experience…. I say, a partner can help.

    but anyways, good luck!

  6. you are a rare species. most of the men ive met would run for their lives when i mention even the idea of having a house. i wasnt implying anything naman. hay nako. i guess thats why theyre my ex’s? lol. haay. isa din yan sa mga dream ko. sana hindi hanggang dream na lang.

  7. Hahaha! Goodluck with the dream house! 🙂

    The title of the plan is hilarious hahaha! 😛 Love it! “..Ayoko pang maging Gigolo.” HAHA! ^^

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