Like drumsticks
pounding on a broken snare,

so shall the people be made aware
of the uprising of the indie

when the unnoticed shall move
and shout with blinded ego

and overthrow the stereotype
and kill the hype
around that which they call norms

those branded as weirdos and geeks
will condemn those creeps
who malign them
and send them to tommy
and ask him
“what do you think of this monkey?”

and indies will represent
when those
amberzombies repent
the lie they’ve made of themselves

by refusing to express the real trends
behind their hearts and heads.
the people’s new hero
will be this 18 year old punk kid

wearing a shirt saying ‘fuck labels,’
chucks and yellow green hair

leading a pack of freaks,
geeks and schizophrenics

and everyone will exclaim
“Revolution! Revolution! Revolution!”

Like drumsticks
pounding on a broken snare!
see www.greenwayarts.org