You’re all gonna hate me for this.. In the last month that I’ve been active in the blogosphere I’ve come across blogs on other publishing platforms that just irk the hell out of me. So this post is dedicated to them. ahehe.

1. Friendster – They claim service to over 40 million people. Pfft! Half of them are filipinos with the names “Certified Hottie” “Certified Adik” and a multitude of poseurs named after artists, specifically Hero Angeles. The first thing on my mind when I see people on friendster is “21st century zombies”

2. Multiply – What would you choose: A fake Hero Angeles account or a real KC Concepcion account? *insert evil laugh* Anyway, I would’ve liked Multiply if only it weren’t too cool. I mean, really, you can do anything on that site. Although, you cant put google ads and you cant comment on other blogs unless you’re logged. Bummer.

3. LiveJournal – They make cool people look like products of some charity event. I think they try to control the ballpark too much. Plus they’re interface is ugly. I mean, why do you have to see your photo every time you post something?

4. Blogdrive – Rhey will be reading this. So I’m not gonna say anything… ok, just one – some blogs you cant see unless you’re logged in. (sa iba hindi ka lang pwede magcomment pag hindi ka logged in, dito hindi mo man lang makita yung blog)

5. WordPress – Pag kinakarir mo na ang pagb-blog, you have to switch to wordpress. Seriously, they have anything and everything you could ever want for your blog. They even think of things before you do. But when you take out everything.. those widgetty stuffs aren’t the ones keeping the people on your blog. Sometimes they can even be distractions to writing.

6. Blogger – This is where I spend most of my time so I know how messed up it is. Ever heard of Spam blogs? They’re all using blogger.. ahehe. But I like the freedom on this blog. Not too uptight, not too indifferent. Just right for me.


End notes:
before you barrage me with your own wisdom, I should remind you that this is my opinion.

alright, now you may start!

17 thoughts on “BLOG DROP [2]

  1. WordPress is far better than blogger if you’re hosted. If you want free hosting, and you want lots of customizations (from the templates, fonts and wanna tweak HTML codes) – Blogger is just right for you.

    Well, almost every blogger starts at Blogger. I myself started some stupid account there!


    I guess we just evolve.

    Blogdrive sucks! And Livejournal too. But I admire LJ since they have PERSONAL posts where only you can read.

    :p Daan!

  2. hey vinch. nice to finally see a comment from you. yeah, i know, wordpress is better. i just cant crossover. i think i told you why.. did i?


    And since you brought it up maybe you could explain why people ‘evolve’ from blogger to wordpress?

    i hope to hear from Friendster bloggers and how they are gonna defend their platform. ahehe

  3. I’ve got an lj. I used to have a dj too. WordPress? Blogger is just right for me. Keeping it clean and simple.

    But you’ll always find blogs that are a lot more retarded than mine anywhere. And that is not a good thing.


  4. hi, just wanted to get a word in 🙂 i think friendster’s blogging platform is a joke. unless you pay for their unlimited hosting, you’ll eventually reach a limit for the number of posts and pictures you publish there. but what if you blog everyday for the next ten years? saan ka pupulitin, di ba? plus, their interface is not so personalization-friendly, you can’t even tinker with your own html. it’s good for neophyte bloggers but quite limiting for more seasoned ones.

    as for evolution, i was once a blogspot user. i never intended to move to wp because i enjoyed blogspot a lot. as you said, it’s not too complicated, yet not too basic – just right. i still maintain blogs over there until now, actually. except that i had to switch my main blog to wp because of my host. i can tell you right now, i never realized what i missed out on as a blogger until i moved to wp. i totally appreciate it now! downside, you’ll need css and php knowledge to really tinker with the themes but, despite that, it’s a really cool platform. anyway, you’ll evolve, too, i’m sure. when you get to that point, you’ll know.

  5. add to the list:, it takes forever to open.

    wordpress is also good but not much choice in there, so im also in blogger and despite its “monthly periods” , it’s fine with me maybe until i have my own dot com.

    ei, thanks for dropping by. 🙂

  6. ang ayaw ko lang sa wordpress you have to pay kung gusto mo i-customise yung layout. sa bagay oks lang naman default kasi di rin naman ako marunong sa html, hehe.

    chat din naman ako kaso madalang

  7. ok
    i like blogdrive coz i can do free CSS editing… so m sorry im so sorry

    friendster sucks. my first blog was asian avenue… *lol* until they blocked it in the uae. then there was blogger until i forgot my password and all my friends starded using blogdrive…

    masyadong defensive. pffft.
    yeah i read it paolo and i am commenting about it… hahhaa

    anyway, i have a wordpress account… and also my own dotcom… i just dont have the time to do anything with them… so if i have volunteers, i would love to get some help- pffft

  8. i saw wordpress and it’s better than blogger.
    but i’m satisfied with blogger cause i like customizing my layout though i don’t have much knowledge about css.

  9. i agree with your insights 😀 kaya nga i’m sticking with blogger … di ko naman balak career-in to! he he …

  10. I like Blogspot’s simplicity too. 🙂 You’re rught, it;s just right. Maybe someday I’d evolve to WP too – when I know CSS and PHP na, I tinker with the html a lot hehehe. 🙂

  11. nuff said! i love blogger,its just right for me as well, i think WP is more techie,friendster is too jologs,LJ ladida!I also have an account with, so far so good, alot of things still on the process…

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