In the spirit of karir blogging, as Shari, Lei and the Coconuter had expressed the same idea, I too would like to get my own domain . I feel it would make me sound like a legitimate Paolo Mendoza. (if you only know how many people have that name…) is not taken yet so I guess I’ll buy it.

Apart from that I do not know what to do next. So if you guys have any idea about these things, please explain it to me like I am a three year old. I swear, if you treat me more than that there’s a good chance of me throwing a tantrum.

And if I may be a little specific (and I dont know if this sounds stupid, but i’ll tell you anyway), I’d like a three column template and I want a comments section like that of (figured it would drastically improve my visits).

This is all. Talk to me…

25 thoughts on “HELP

  1. Pao,
    i support you in every endeavor.
    Chicken mafia is blocked fromhere…

    im also doing the three column thing…

    if you become famous…dont forget about me

  2. woot joining the bandwagon 😀 i still am not settled for my own domain name though. there’s a few tips at my blog under the getlei’d post.

    i still don’t have enough time to actually sit down and learn how to set up my own website bec im busy (kunware) reviewing for my exam. phooey. so when you’re done, tell me how you did it. 😀

  3. Rhey, why is blocked? Too much obscenities? 😀

    Paolo, you can buy your domain name from or another cheap reseller. After that, you have at least 3 options:

    1) Point your new domain name to your current Blogger account.

    – It’s free.
    – It’s easy.

    – No cool threaded comments ala 😛

    2) Use the free blog and web space that gives you when you buy a domain from them.

    – It’s free.
    – It might be easy.

    – Limited features.
    – It might look horrible. I haven’t actually seen it yet though, so I can’t be sure.

    3) Rent some cheap web space and install free blogging software like WordPress or Drupal.

    – Lots of features.
    – You have more control over the look and feel of your site.

    – It’s not free.
    – It’s not easy unless you’re a geek like me.

    I use Drupal for my site, and I’m more or less satisfied with it. Many bloggers prefer WordPress though.

  4. having a universal name like paolo mendoza has perks now, though. when someone types in but is actually thinking of someone else, they still end up on your site. way to jack up traffic 😀

  5. I had those plans as well before. But when I had caught the wind of money matters…I changed my mind.

    Anyway, the perks are there. Wait, you can join the PBS (Pinoyblogosphere) mailing list in Yahoo!. There are alot of people there who would be willing to help you. I swear. Just ask questions and you’d get tons of answers.

  6. @lei
    so you didn’t like my URL suggestions? 🙂

    tenks tenks.

    equally, a good idea. i wouldn’t have thought of buying my own if not for having funds on my paypal account. haven’t used it for months.

    pretty soon the whole south america and other hispanic speaking countries will read me. get me closer to semi-fame.

    i shall be forever thankful! mwahahaha

  7. @cutepsycho
    sure sure. i appreciate every single thing that gets me closer to world domination before chickenmafia (who’s apparently banned in dubai). dont forget to link to this blog though. thanks.

  8. Isang kaibigan ang nagbigay sa’kin ng libreng domain name at hosting. Pero hanggang ngayon, tinatamad pa rin akong i-setup ang Blogger ko at ang domain name ko. Ayoko sanang sabihin, pero hindi ko rin kasi alam kung paano. Mairi-refer ko rin ang tropa kung para sa murang hosting at domain name. Humigit kumulang limandaang piso lang kada taon. Para sa kaukulang impormasyon, makipag-ugnayan lamang.

  9. It seems everyone put blogging to a career eh?

    It’s a choice anyway, and it’s also one way to make an identity in the blogosphere.

    I hope I can put up mine as well soon.

  10. hey joyfulchicken,
    i have no idea why your site is blocked from here.
    its pathetic!!!

    too much obscenities ba? hahahaha
    keep it up!

    maybe when i finally get the hang of overriding those damn IPs… 🙂

    i like … it is so you… lol

  11. Sana i can explian but…hirap ako sa pag-eexplain eh haha. Ei nbili mo na yung domain? coming soon na sabi ng godaddy eh??

  12. @agent grey
    yup. i wanna be the best paolomendoza in da world…

    sayang, astig pa naman chicken mafia. override whatever you need. 🙂

    yup. pero ngayon hindi ko naman alam ang gagawin. 🙁

  13. haha, no naman. im not just settled into anything yet. wait, i’m not in your links! waaa *makes tampo

    feeling close lang talaga ako lol

  14. @lei
    oooh. sowee. linked you up already

    was my first choice really. but the lure of was too immense.

  15. three column templates are widely available in the net right now. i had mine from searching. hehe… you do blog a lot. i can’t seem to get a hold on every entry. it passes so quickly….! 😀

    im also planning on getting a domain. still i need to save enough moolah for it. hehe…

  16. Hi, Added a new value add to my blog this weekend – a news widget from I always wanted to show latest news for my keywords in my sidebar. It was very easy with this widget. Just a small copy paste and it was done. Great indeed.

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