It’s 3am and I’m forcing myself not to blog. My hands are pulling itself to the keyboard, my mind is creating stories in my head, my legs want to kuyakoy. Usually, i’d just be forcing myself to sleep. Ngayon meron nang kahati ang oras ko sa pagtulog. How odd is that?

Over the course of my blogging ‘karir’ (coz it’s not a real career), I have been able to pull out one post after another.

One of the series I’ve been most comfortable dealing with is Blog Drop. This is where I discuss the filipino blogging community and will most often put a remark on fake blogs, who blog for corrupt reasons. Another series I put up was the 100 Things You Wouldn’t Care to Know About Me. So far I’ve only finished 10.

Then there’s my short stories, which seem to engage the readers the most – as proven by Meant-to-Kill-You, Among Shot Glasses and Call Center Conversations. These are the posts with the most comments. You might want to check The Fuzz About Queues since I consider it one of the funniest I’ve written. It was written in the earlier days of my blog.

So far I’ve only written The Death of Peter Pan. This I plan to make a series by writing stories that end up in some cartoon characters death, as if to create closure! Next in line is The Death of Buzz Lightyear. I’m also thinking about killing the Care Bears, The Jetsons and Denver, the Last Dinosaur.

A friend challenged me to write something queer. I haven’t taken him up on that but I will… because I have been re-dared by Rhey in exchange of her writing about Planet Z. mwahaha. It’s like writing a highschool paper, but with more spunk. You can suggest too… I like the challenge.

Often times I write posts that can be a bit controversial or self-destructive. I usually save those as drafts until I could come up with better ways to present it. One of them is the series A Blueprint of Things That Should Never Have Happened. I also plan to put up a series about the stupidity of the showbiz industry. I didnt want to post something showbiz before coz I think it’s stupid, but I guess writing about the stupidity isn’t stupid at all. errr… Gets nyo?

So what do you tihnk? Karirin ko na?