It’s kiddie coolness!

I dont wanna give spoilers so I’ll just say At World’s End is the coolest film I’ve seen this year so far (nothing beats Nacho Libre though). Why does Johnny Depp look smart even when he’s playing weird? Oh, heck, he must be french!

After Spiderman 3, I thought I’d already despise every emo looking guy wearing dark eye liners, dancing awkwardly in front of people. Now I know that only applies to Peter Parker. As a matter of fact, I think that Captain Jack Sparrow will win hands down in any head-to-head with every darn superhero you can come up with. And he’s gonna beat them without even trying. (except for… Escueleto)

Sparrow must probably be the most annoyingly underated escape artist there is. He’s trapped, he’s escaped, he’s captured, he’s free, he’s dead, he’s alive again. He seems to always find a way to beat fate…. like Chuck Norris but with a whole lot of coolness. Proof: Keira Knightley!

I swear I can never be that guy. I know, even if I try to be him, I can only be one-tenth of him. Kinda like the guy in those mac commercials.

“Hi I’m a mac…”

End notes:
Good popcorn movie. 8/10


  1. Seriously…the last movie of the Pirates’ was more exciting ang more fun, compared to latest movie. Some actions were corny…for real

  2. spoiler alert! spoiler alert! spoiler alert! hehehe..

    di ko pa napapanood yang mga movies na yan.. better luck next time.. hanap pa ako pirated cd.. hehehe

  3. @joyfulchicken – you might want to see Pirates 2 first. it adds to the details.

    @poli – i dont know about shrek 3, the film got bad reviews from critics so i didn’t watch it. i’ll wait for the dvd na lang.

    @naliligaw – you must consider though that the film was made for the 3 year old too. but from “older” people’s POV, the film did have some corny moments (at least not as much Spiderman 3)

    @doubting thomas – to each his own. 😉

    @richard – Oh no. Pirated Pirates?! ahehe. I think it would be more enjoyable watching it on the big screen, but yeah, kanya-kanyang trip lang yan.

  4. honestly? i didn’t really enjoy some parts of Pirates.. a bit dragging. But, WTH! Captain Jack Sparrow is there. :)) Weee. I love his character. Full of humor and wit.

  5. hi kuya pao. ngaun lang ulit ako nagINET.. tamad na talaga ako OJT hehehe.

    wow! pirates. too bad, u cant relate hehe..i haven’t watched it. kahit ung first 2. 🙂

  6. saw pirates3 today, so cool! i liked it better than the other two actually. now here is a sequel that surpassed its predecessors. and what the hell happened to orlando bloom? he got hot. he’s so yummy when he’s grimy. (i’m not normally this swoon-y, but homigod…)

  7. saw it with kubi and maika today. waaaaa we were so noisy kaya sa movie house! LOL but omg will turner is hotness! Pirates3 is really a good movie. full of slapstick comedy, almost made me believe a pinoy made it. Lol

  8. I haven’t seen any Pirate movies yet.

    Which leads me to the confession.


    And that I watch more of Asian Horror/Cult movies. 🙂

  9. ok.
    i have no opinion because i havent seen the movie… this is like your spiderman post… i havent seen that one either… but if you posted something about the last movie i watched (happy feet?… still not sure) then i would gladly react… lol

    anyway, you know i made my top 10… actually more like top3. lol

    from rhey… cant seem to post any of my comments…

  10. i didnt read your post heheh…

    panonoorin ko muna.

    pwede palang mag request. pa link naman heheh… na link na kita thanks!

  11. @phanyang
    sure. thanks.

    he did a good team up with those rock crabs.

    thanks sa visit. panoorin mo din dapat yung two kasi daming details leading up to 3.

    orlando bloom’s got an account in face book daw. i’m looking for him…

    thanks for adding me to your blog list. as far as pirates being a pinoy movie, yeah i get your point. proposing marriage at the brink of death… that’s sooo pinoy.

    @jake the miserable
    ok din mga pinoy horror. pero sobrang matatakutin ako! natakot ako sa gremlins. ewan ko kung bakit.

    @tourismo boy
    here’s a spoiler – they all die in the beginning.

    actually… sorta kinda like… you know. i mean, it’s sooo cool… or something!

    (that’s an aftermath of yesterday’s chat)

    sure. thanks. natutuwa naman ako sa honesty mo. pero pag napanood mo na. sana magcomment ka ulit 😉

    yes pan’s labyrinth was good. (subtitled nga lang) that’s one of the best movies last year (along with Apocalypto, The Departed and many others) But I still stand by Nacho Libre as last years best film.

    of course everyone’s entitled to their own opinion. for all i know, Happy Feet is best film last year. 😉

  12. I prefered to watch PotC than Shrek, and my family prefered otherwise. So they were disappointed and said things like, “We should’ve watched PotC”. I win. hehehe…did you see the scene after the credits finished? Oh yes, Johnny Depp is an immortal french guy oozing with savvy. And should’ve been trapped in Chuck Norris’ locker instead. and oh yeah..do you mind if I linked you up? 🙂

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