There are three women in my life right now. I love them all but it can really be hard. Anyway, let me tell you a little something about them.

I love Wendy coz she’s got that strong personality. She adjusts to all kinds of situations. She doesn’t mind if your dates includes errands for the family – be it in repair shops or warehouses or gorceries. She loves Chinese and Indian food too. She’s especially fond of Samosas.

Yes, that is her real name. As a matter of fact, she had that name even before that famous splitting stick came to stardom. My Mystica is a moody person, and very possessive. She doesn’t like going out in groups. She’s very simple. Our dates can be just Yosi breaks in the park, or a stroll along the beach. She’s the “simple and intimate” type.

Her real name is Sienna. She’s the fun girl. She loves hanging out with everyone, very accomodating and friendly. I remember Che was the one who picked Rocky and Titus up – just the most outgoing. She’s the one I love taking to parties, movies and restaurants. Plus she blows really well… the aircon that is.

What the hell were you thinking?

End notes:
FYI: mystica is a Ford Mystique, Wendy is a Ford Windstar, and Che is a Toyota Sienna. Rocky is the family treadmill (like, you know, “i’ll be running with Rocky..”) and Titus is my computer. Titus is really smart… but more on him next time.

21 thoughts on “THE WOMEN IN MY LIFE

  1. actually mga girls yan ng nanay ko eh. nakikigamit lang ako. =)

    its just funny coz pag kasama ko yung ibang mga kaibigan ko, meron din silang pangalan for their cars. Yung isa RED STEPH, yung isa TROJAN at kung anu-ano pa.

  2. wow. gadgets ko lang may pangalan. hehehe.. my laptop is Naomi. my PC is Jen. I change their names everytime i reformat them. 🙂

  3. huwaw nagkakakilala ang mga inanimate objects dito ah.

    @litanya ni tekla – magandang araw din

    @bayang yagit – say hello to Naomi and Jen.

    @billycoy – parang artista yung name ng cellphone mo ah. mataray ba?

    @kubiyat – it’s innate in us!?! ahehe

    @dieselfire – hey thanks for dropping by! =)

    @lei – i guess it’s a guy thing. like kubiyat said, it’s the male past time.

  4. Hey! Damn I want those. I have to learn how to drive first however. My father’s been insisting on teaching me but I’m just too lazy.

    Can I borrow one of your girls?

  5. gawin daw bang babae ang kotse.

    😀 pero dahil inlove ako sa matchbox and hot wheels, WHY NOT?

    i have my celica and my tiburon and my 350z! :))

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