look at my eyes! the right (your left) is bigger

Today I woke up without being narcissistic, I wasn’t liking myself. There was something about my hair that didn’t look human, my right eye was still larger than my left, and my nose was still flat! I swear yesterday my nose was straight.

Anyway… here are some blogs of fave.

Chicken Mafia – I love it when I see smart posts that aren’t very complicated. How that works? You will have to go to his blog. This chicken also updates everyday and manages to respond to his readers.

Baguio Below – She’s one of them ex-blogdrive bloggers. Good thing she switched or it might have taken longer for me to come across her blog. It’s fun, remarkably witty and always a good read.

Gagopolis – I should admit it was his Ang Sweet ng Nanay Ko post that got me hooked. I’ve read his archives too. I recommend every one of it.

Among my other “blogs of fave” include Billycoy, Utakgago and Rheytarded. Tatlo-tatlo lang muna. Go put them in your link list!


  • I failed in producing a kid for mother’s day. I researched pregnancy lengths of animals and the shortest was the mouse (3 weeks), but I couldn’t find any that wanted to “get it on.”
  • The friendster dare is now over. By wednesday this coming week I will have a video of me singing…