Even those who know little of chess understand that it is a game of war. That to play includes moves and strategies, all towards an ultimate goal of killing the king.

The king is the most ironic part of the game. The most sought, yet the most inadequate piece on the board. He stands tall in his place as war goes. He seemingly overlooks all of it. Yet he enjpys being in one place, defended by all. It is only once he has lost everything that he runs.

He runs until the time is up. He runs as the warriors of his nemesis chase him, point their arrows at him. Mocking him as they watch him flee. They allow him sixteen moves before they would finally surround him. Then it is over.

The king is the master of all, but the queen is stronger than he is. The movements of the king should only take a step at a time. Otherwise, he would be cheating. The queen on the other hand, can storm troopers from one end to another. Sometimes you would almost consider her the most important piece of all. To lose your queen often means to lose the game as well.

For a king to be murdered he must first be immobilized. We call it checkmate, which means, literally, “the king is dead.”

Sometimes, though senseless, the war does not end in the kings murder. This they call a draw. It is at this point that the king re-builds his army, marries a queen. and trains his cavalry. And back to war he goes.

Man is the only animal that deals in that atrocity of atrocities, War. He is the only one that gathers his brethren about him and goes forth in cold blood and calm pulse to exterminate his kind. He is the only animal that for sordid wages will march out… and help to slaughter strangers of his own species who have done him no harm and with whom he has no quarrel…. And in the intervals between campaigns he washes the blood off his hands and works for “the universal brotherhood of man” – with his mouth.
Mark Twain

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16 thoughts on “THE KING’S WAR

  1. hi there… hhee oo nga..chess was my first love, too bad, i wasnt able to cultivate it when i grew up.. paolo thanx for dropping by at my blog

  2. Actually, I’m not a pro when it comes to this game. But for some reasons, the queen would definitely be my last weapon! Kaasar nga eh! Kung anu-ano na lang ang maisipang rule ng tatay ko kapag yari na siya!

  3. i love playing chess, but unfortunately, either i couldnt find the right opponent..or i have no time to play…tsk…tsk!

    thanks for dropping by at my site.

  4. 300 was a queen’s movie. see that part where leonidas is about to kick the persian emmisary into the bottomless pit. he looks to gorgo for approval first. haha. wala lang. that’s what your post made me think of.

  5. salamt sa pagdaan at pagbasa:)

    i used to play chess. but now i’m really bad at it. hahaha!

    take care!

  6. i like playing chess pero hanggang doon lang ako…naglalaro ng di alam ang kahulugan…i mean basta alam ang move parang yon na…hanggang doon lang…habang binabasa ko ito saka ako napapatango..korek! ang galing!

  7. Chess seems to encompass both art and science hence truly a wonderful game with the billions of possibilities 🙂 The most powerful piece being the queen makes it even more intriguing 🙂

  8. Chess bores me. I am supposed to be a nerd and yet I cant appreciate chess.. What’s wrong with me?! Haha!

    Anyway, dont mind my ‘chess-bores-me’ statement. Ignorante lang talaga ako, kaya nabobore ako sa chess.. 🙂

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