I love talking to marketers, I treat them like they’re my friends. I am especially fond of marketers when I’ve just woken up. Lesson in the animal kingdom: when you wake me up, you deal with me!

This is one of those conversation…

girl: sir, can I take two minutes of your time?
me: sure, but I’ll use two minutes of your time too.
girl: ok sir, (and she begins to explain her product, a long distance phone service to the Philippines)

after explaining…

me: ok, my turn!?
girl: yup, what is it about?
me: (gets a Bible and starts to read the Revelations)

after five minutes…

girl: sir, your two minutes is up.
me: wait, hold on! i’m almost done! (I continue to read)
girl: (waits for awhile again then says) sir, i have alot of other things to do. Are you gonna subscribe or not?
me: (then, out of nowhere) Ok, can I talk to your manager?!

The girl was surprised by my sudden question. I explained to her that I wanted to talk to her manager coz I would like to be assured that my personal information was gonna be safe in case I gave it over the phone. She calls the manager.

manager: hello sir, this is so and so and so on and so forth.
me: I just wanted to be reassured that my personal information wouldn’t go out if in case I subscribed to your long distance…
manager: (explains how the system works)
me: You know, you speak very good english.
manager: Thank you po sir.
me: How about me, do I sound Filipino when I speak english?
manager: no sir.
me: Really!? Y’know there’s gonna be an American Idol auditions here in the weekend. Wanna hear a sample?
manager: ah sir…

I begin to sing even before he could say no. My piece was the infamous Silent Night and I made sure he didn’t like it!

me: Saaaaaylent Nayt. Huuuuli cow. Aaaaall is cam. All iss…
manager: (interrupting my masterpiece) SIR THIS IS A RECORDED CONVERSATION!!! ARE YOU GOING TO SUBSCRIBE OR NOT!?!
me: i’m in a hurry, maybe next time.



  1. Ayos rin ang topak mo ah! Hehe!

    Ako naman kapag may tama, e nakikipagkwentuhan ako sa mga cashier ng fastfood o nang kahit anong establishment.

  2. hahaha! ayos ka rin e noh. πŸ™‚ at recorded pa. dapat sendan ka ng copy, remembrance. hehe. joke. πŸ™‚

  3. grabe ayus sa trip ah! ako naaawa lang kaya hinahayaan ko nalang answering machine. =)

    thanks for dropping by pala. =)

  4. waaaaaa.. you are so bad!!! πŸ˜›

    pero ok to.. ang dami rin kasing tumatawag dito sa bahay na nago-offer ng long distance to the philippines.. medyo makulit pero i understand kasi kailangan nilang magka-sales..

    i cant believe you really sang on the phone!!

  5. Oy Paolo that is harsh hehe… Pabayaan mo na lang. They do that kasi they need to earn a living. Nakakairita kapag nasimulan ka ng i-sales talk but come to think of it, they might be there because no other company accepted them and napipilitan din lang sila like you πŸ™‚

    Anong oras ba sa araw ka good mood? Hehehe

    Happy weekend! πŸ™‚

  6. honestly, i think i made their day. it’s not often that they come across people like me. ahehe.

    i’m usually very nice to marketers. there are only 4 events in my life where i have resorted to the mockery of CSR’s.

  7. This is funny though you made the right thing.
    Anyway,Thanks for dropping by to my blog,you can come anytime,you aare very welcome!Godbless! happy weekend!

  8. laught trip ito…

    sarap ka palag kausap eh, tingnan nga natin kung sino ang may malakas na tama sating dalawa..*evil laugh*

  9. nbaisahan mo sila ah sa sarili nilang laro. tulad nung ginawa mo sa philosophy professor mo sa entri na athiest..

    pero ang mga atheist ay naniniwala pa rin sa Dyos daw, sabi nung prof ko, naniniwala sila sa sarili nila..pero ok lang..sila yun eh.. masama if they try to suck people sa kind ng thinking if ito ang absolute truth..pero every now and then, nakaka-amaze sila.

    — — —
    paolo..thanks sa drop by..

    yun kay napoleon wala akong idea, madalas hindi ako nag-verify ng facts..

    pero thanks sa info.


  10. That’s something i would have wanted to do if i had guts and time and your kind of sense of humor. They’d call that weird di ba. I like weird .. though i wouldn’t want to be at the other end of that phone conversation.

  11. hey that was really mean!

    do you know how hard it is to work at a call center? and to do cold calling…

    and to keep up with the stats… and at the back of your mind you know how easy it is to lose your job because you are a dispensible resource…

    but hey, i hope that you made this person’s day.

  12. I have a feeling this is really funny if I can understand Tagalog. Anyway, you read the bible and sang!? HAHAhaHA!

  13. Kawawa naman yung girl at manager! hehe. Thanks for dropping by, I know it’s been a long time, cuz I missed your message on my cbox. Care to exlinks?

  14. i started working as a CSR before, for inbound, so i don’t know how it feels when your customer does that to a rep.

    i agree with rhey, that it’s so hard to maintain your stats and to talk to people who doesn’t want to talk to you in the first place and, right, that a rep is a very dispensable resource.

    anyway, i too hate it when local outbound agents call me. especially during the afternoon when i just slept (i work in a call center). i always try to be civil but when the rep didn’t stop from asking me to buy a car or apply a loan after me telling them x3 already, i get angry… i tell them that it’s a nice thing for me to talk to them on the phone and not dropping it.

    this is really a messed-up world. haha =)

    ako, i’m bad if im not satisfied with the service. as in i transform to a very different person.

    you’re still nice pa naman, don’t worry =) i love it! haha.

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