Self critique – “Paolo, you are a disgrace to the world of literature!”

I have been writing since time immemorial, although, I don’t write like a writer. That’s a pun. My writing style is inconsiderate of grammar, style, figures of speech, idiomatic expressions, sarcasm, etc. That’s not a pun. I misplace commas in the manner I see suitable for my piece. And I have a perverse addiction with dots… like that. I disregard the purposes of paragraphs, sentences and phrases. I make it a point to invent words from the back of my head (i have copyrights for the words ‘immemorable’ ‘philosophicalization’ and ‘nincompoopers.’)I have an overwhelming desire to keep my sentences as plain as possible. Beats the descriptive ideals of narration but at least it allows comprehension.

I write. That’s it.

One thought on “AN ADDICTION TO DOTS

  1. doesn’t this suck, i am commenting on my own. ahehehe. i just wanted to add that i know that you shouldn’t start your sentences with ‘AND’ which shouldn’t really make any more sense because the message of this post afterall is that I don’t think, I just write… whatever!

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