Google’s pagerank is an algorithm. That means it’s deep and complicated and there’s no way for you to uncover how it really means. Thankfully, there are people who are smarter than you who have revealed the secret of Pagerank to me! Yay!

Pagerank functions as a way to track the value of a site. On the dead of night it lets its monstrous spiders out to check how many one-way links it has, how many page hits it gets, and its content. The report comes out on a Google toolbar where your site is ranked between 1-10, with one being not so important to a pagerank of seven being highly important to a PR10 being like an internet demigod! In short, you should feel proud if you have a high pagerank.

But there is an even bigger purpose for pagerank, especially coming from the making money online industry. If you have better pagerank your articles are priced larger, this because you are taken to be of importance by the internet. If you have a PR5 or 6, you might as well leave your job and stick to the net as your earnings should absolutely be soaring.

The question therefore is, How do you get a high pagerank?

I already mentioned the answer – one-way links, page hits and content – as these are the factors caught and measured by Google to determine what your pagerank is.  Content-wise, I suggest you stick to a niche to make sure that you get top ranking for a certain keyword. As far as one-way links and page hits are concerned, the only way you can build this is by being in the internet for years.

I would advise you to constantly promote your website to gain considerable pagerank.

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