Alone in his room Buboy felt the eeriness of the night beginning with a screeching noise from downstairs. It was 3am and there was no way that anyone would come into the house at the dead of night. Later Buboy heard a voice still from downstairs. He would’ve gone out of his room to check but his instincts said that there was none. He dismissed his thoughts and went back to sleep.

But the screeches continued and, soon thereafter, it was coming up. Buboy did not hear footsteps but he felt the vibration from the wooden stairs. He had lived in the house long enough to know when something was wrong and, he knew, this time, something was horribly wrong.

As the “presence” drew nearer, Buboy noticed a faint glimmer of light from beneath his bedroom door. This light seemed to come more from a candle than a light bulb. He checked if there was a power failure, but his electric fan was working just fine. Confirming a presence in the house, it was then that Buboy got scared.

Moreso was his fright when the footsteps stopped afront his door, forcing it open. Buboy turned around and pretended to be asleep. His immediate inkling said it was a ghost, but for all he knew it could be a thief or, worse, a murderer. Still, Buboy thought it’d be best for him to creep to the farthest part of the bed (as if it mattered) and hoped that his visitor wouldn’t do him any harm.

Later, as the presence drew nearer, Buboy would be able to make more of his visitor. It was a woman carrying a candle, walking slowly toward him, crying. The woman was whispering a prayer as she approached. The now frightened Buboy forced his eyes close and dared not to look. Then, Buboy began to feel droplets of liquid on his skin – first on his hair, then on his face, onto his body until most of his limbs had been drizzled.

Buboy was engulfed in terror ’til he diciphered a phrase spoken by the woman.

“Panginoon, kayo na po ang bahala sa anak ko. Huwag niyo po siyang payagang maging bakla.”

(Lord, I lift my son up to you. Please do not let him turn gay.)

End notes:
His real name is not Buboy. He does not have any plans to reveal to his family the true nature of his sexuality. He wanted to be hidden under the name Piolo, but i figured that would be a give away.


Word has been spreading around the blogosphere about The Top 10 Influential Blogs of 2007. To join you have to post the list in your blog, you will have to link this, and then you will have to comment on that link (and post the link to your list) in order for them to know that you’re participating. Magulo ba?

You can nominate any blog all over the world for as long as it began no later than August 2006. That means you can nominate me!!!

Here’s my list of the Top 10 Influential Blogs of 2007
1. The Philosophical Bastard
The golden rule states: “Love thy neighbor as yourself.” Hence, I can only learn to love others by first loving myself!

2. Pilipinas Street Plan
Astig sila. Gusto ko yung ginagawa nila maski illegal. ahehe

3. Gagopolis
I had been hooked to his articles from the time his mom discovered his porn (may 10, 2007). I have also been to his archives… they’re great.

4. CokskiBlue
The good thing about surfing the blogosphere is you come across unique blogs. I really enjoy watching this guy’s vlogs.

5. The Vegan Prince
I’ve only discovered his blog last week. I scoured his archives and I must say, his blog’s a good read. He’s not eating meat so he can save the animals.. kaya medyo mapapaisip ka rin. (pero mahilig talaga ko sa steak)

6. Instant Pakulo
Meron siyang alagang ipis, si Coman, at yun lang ang basis ko kung bakit ko siya inonominate.

7. Utakgago
I swear you will never think that it is authored by a 16 year old.

8. Greenpinoy.com
Nakakatawa pero hindi overly-derranged.

9. Gibbs Cadiz
Informative at mataas ang entertainment factor.

1o. Kubiyat
It’s amazing how she makes the normalcies of life seem like adventures for her readers.

End notes:
Hindi ako masyadong nag-pay-attention sa requirements so kung may mali paki-korek na lang ako. =)


For those who would like a drop down blogroll.
1. copy the code below
2. paste it in blogspot html, notepad or anywhere you can edit it.
2. edit ONLY the option value code

  • replace the links with your links of choice
  • and the names with their appropriate titles

if you encounter anymore problems, pls message me! thanks!

Blog Drop 4: The Pinoy Blog Cast

Blog Drop 4: The Pinoy Blog Caste
An unofficial report on sociological differences
found in the Filipino blogosphere.

1. The Leaders (Kinauukulan) – They are the ones trying to establish blogging as a medium of self-expression in the country. They put up seminars and blog awards. They are grouped in little problogger circles each one thinking how they could maximize their profits from this medium, often through false marketing. Because the bad thing about blogging: you have to help other people before you can be rich.

2. The Elitists – they only relate to people who are within their level, usually the Kinauukulan and the Artistas. They will only link to these people and answer their comments because more than that would be too much for their fingers. They like politics, pets and tennis… others even campaign. They hate punk music.

3. The Artists – or famous people in general. They live their blogging lives exactly like they live it in the reel world – snobbish, pa-cool effect, showbiz answers, always politcally correct. You can almost feel like you’re in a blog pageant (hey what an idea… leaders! let’s have a pageant!)

4. The Artsy-Fartsy – they’re not famous, but they’re great at what they do. Be it singing, dancing, talking, drawing, writing, or taking photos they are hard not to notice. They are also often broke, because those artista’s who dont know anything… took they’re job.

5. The Cool – cool people do what they do best, they chill. They dont try to be politcally correct coz they dont have an image to protect. They also aren’t very good at the things they do, but we love them for their imperfections. We notice them because their articles exude their aura. They know how to smile and treat people, but they stand by their convictions.

6. The Normal – Subjective, normal to me might not be normal for you. If you dont think that you belong to any other, chances are you’re normal.

7. The UnCool – we all are not perfect, so in some ways we can be uncool. But these guys have too much testosterone going on… these are the ones who always resort to cyber bullying or those who comment on one’s blog to insult.

8. The UnNoticed – They are cool but nobody cares about them, specially the leaders. That’s because the leaders first need to earn from them before they begin recognizing them. They must first buy hosting, or become an affiliate, or at least get them to do their design. They should also register for the next Philippine blog awards even if we know that they wouldn’t win.

9. The Indifferent – They exist only for themselves. They do not answer questions, they do not link, they do not reach out to their fellow bloggers. They stay in their hermit caves writing, baking, looking away from the silly little blog hoppers that come their way.

10. The Zombies – You dont know who they are, but they’re there. They go around asking people to check on their articles which are often about Real Estate, Porn, Google Adsense, Free Emoticons or Mesothelioma.

End notes:
Check out the Blog Drop series: 1 2 3


All around the blogosphere election related articles have sprung like political killings. Sadly, I am impersonal to the upcoming elections because I am abroad so I cant campaign for Victor Wood, although some of you would realize that I tried.

And because talking about the elections would be sort of anti-climactic, I would, instead, like to take this opportunity to declare my candidacy for the 2028 presidential elections!


I am running under the party called YAGBOLS – Young and Groovy Boys of La Salle, and I am stressing my pagka-Lasalista on this matter because Ateneo produced Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and Erap Estrada. More than this, the only time the LaSallians decided to cheat was in the UAAP, and they got caught.

For every campaign there is a need for funding. If you scroll down the sidebar there is an icon saying “Make A Donation.” If you’d like to support the campaign you should probably donate all your money right now.

Posters are a nuisance to the country during election year. So I shall minimize my usage of posters by putting one that will be immediately noticed.

I believe the Comelec allows monikers to be used in the voting process? Noli de Castro can be called Kabayan, Tito Sotto can be called Tito. So, as previously stated, my moniker will be, whether you like it or not, “The 2028 Philippine President!”


It’s the repetition of affirmations that leads to belief.
And once that belief becomes a deep conviction,
things begin to happen.

Muhammad Ali