Alone in his room Buboy felt the eeriness of the night beginning with a screeching noise from downstairs. It was 3am and there was no way that anyone would come into the house at the dead of night. Later Buboy heard a voice still from downstairs. He would’ve gone out of his room to check but his instincts said that there was none. He dismissed his thoughts and went back to sleep.

But the screeches continued and, soon thereafter, it was coming up. Buboy did not hear footsteps but he felt the vibration from the wooden stairs. He had lived in the house long enough to know when something was wrong and, he knew, this time, something was horribly wrong.

As the “presence” drew nearer, Buboy noticed a faint glimmer of light from beneath his bedroom door. This light seemed to come more from a candle than a light bulb. He checked if there was a power failure, but his electric fan was working just fine. Confirming a presence in the house, it was then that Buboy got scared.

Moreso was his fright when the footsteps stopped afront his door, forcing it open. Buboy turned around and pretended to be asleep. His immediate inkling said it was a ghost, but for all he knew it could be a thief or, worse, a murderer. Still, Buboy thought it’d be best for him to creep to the farthest part of the bed (as if it mattered) and hoped that his visitor wouldn’t do him any harm.

Later, as the presence drew nearer, Buboy would be able to make more of his visitor. It was a woman carrying a candle, walking slowly toward him, crying. The woman was whispering a prayer as she approached. The now frightened Buboy forced his eyes close and dared not to look. Then, Buboy began to feel droplets of liquid on his skin – first on his hair, then on his face, onto his body until most of his limbs had been drizzled.

Buboy was engulfed in terror ’til he diciphered a phrase spoken by the woman.

“Panginoon, kayo na po ang bahala sa anak ko. Huwag niyo po siyang payagang maging bakla.”

(Lord, I lift my son up to you. Please do not let him turn gay.)

End notes:
His real name is not Buboy. He does not have any plans to reveal to his family the true nature of his sexuality. He wanted to be hidden under the name Piolo, but i figured that would be a give away.

30 thoughts on “A GHOULISH PRESENCE

  1. it’s unclear whether this is supposed to be funny, nasty or both. or is it an actual piolo anecdote?

    i’ll go with funny.

  2. the world is a cruel place. i am thankful that even if i have a lot of unresolved issues in my childhood, i have become well-adjusted.

    i find humor in what others call sarcasm. now that’s what i call irony.

    just like what you did to Piolo/Buboy, whatever his name is.

  3. Hmmm…how do you explain the terrible chill I had when I am sitting in front of my computer blogging and no one was around me? Arghh…damn eerie 😛

    Thanks for “passing away” in my blog so often. I added you in my blogroll 🙂

  4. susmaryosep. a ghoulish experience indeed. what was he doing at 3am? maybe her mother caught him red-handed or something? bwahahaha.

  5. ^^^i made a boo-boo, sorry.

    naalala ko tuloy yung napanood ko sa cable na pelikula ni ricky davao. pinaluhod siya ng nanay niya sa harap ng altar at sinabihang samahan siya sa pagdadasal sa mga santo para daw gumaling siya sa pagiging bakla.

  6. Hi Paolo. Thanks for dropping by earlier and leaving a note on my chatbox.

    This post is so hilarious! I thought it was a ghost at first considering that 3am is the time spirits are supposedly active. Very funny! Thanks for sharing.

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