When you cant match your mom’s coolness, that’s how you know you’re a loser.

Mom wasn’t the disciplinarian type. Growing up, we were never spanked. When she’s angry she’d say it straight out “I’m mad because…” and I guess we were responsible enough to respond. We never had tantrums coz we were spoiled.

She wouldn’t even mind if we asked not to go to class. Every year, we’d max out the allowed absences (34) and all those other days we went to school, we were late, often the result of breakfasts in Greenhills.

When she wasnt playing mom, she was a socialite. The type who went to parties with her amigas and go to HongKong every summer. Yearly though you’d find her somewhere else in the world – Europe, Australia, America, Asia. The product of these travels was her shot glass collection.

Considering all her friends loved blue and white Chinese figurines, her collection stood out (and it rocked). One shot glass for every place, each a different story.

She left her collection in the Philippines, on a shelf across the dining table where she could show it off to her matapobre friends. She herself had a matapobre aura, but she wasn’t elitist. You know… that Susan Roces aura?!

End notes:
For mother’s day, Mom wanted a legitimate grandson from me (who’s mestizo and fun). I’ll see what I can do.

37 thoughts on “AMONG SHOT GLASSES

  1. i can imagine the pressure… u better move ur *** now ๐Ÿ˜‰ go give her the grandson she desires hehehe.

  2. girls grow up to be like their mothers– that is their tragedy. guys, on the other hand, dont– that is theirs ;p

    nice photo!

    heya, thanks for dropping by,,, (;

  3. ei yah!!

    tnx for droppin’ by!!

    well, yah.. got this month planned..

    hehe…can’t wait to see donkey!! haha ;p

    Oh! Nice posts!


  4. waah! ang tindi ng mom mu at napupunta pa sa iba’t ibang lupalop ng mundo!
    Bgyan mo n kz ng grandson na kanyang inaasam-asam!

  5. wow. it’s a bloggie entry for momma dearest?? awww.. anyway.. is that the collection of hers, really? or just a pic from the net? ๐Ÿ™‚ anyway. droppin by. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. wanted to post an early mother’s day entry to save on the cheeziness come sunday. happy mother’s day to all!

  7. My mom is the traditional mother figure and not groovy, like yours is. but I love her the way she is

    btw, dude, that YouTube clip on the main page freaked me out. I was close to stabbing my chest to end the 10-second misery you induced. hahahah

  8. This is a cool and nice tribute to your mom. Ang shala naman ng nanay mo, shot glass? Pero ayos yan. Pwede na siyang magpagawa ng shot glass museum kapag super wide na talaga ng glass collection niya!

    Pao, thanks for making bisita to my blog.:) In-add na kita sa blogroll ko!

    Keep blogging!

  9. go give her the grandson! =)) was that photo of her shot glasses collection?

    your mom is so cool. =))

    btw, i replied to your comment in my blog. thanks. :p

  10. Palagay ko naman e tamang-tama lang naman ang timpla ng mom mo. Astig sa koleksyon, huh?

    Sa huli mong nabanggit, good luck pare! Rak on!

    Salamat pala sa pagdaan sa nilalangaw kong blog. Harinawa’y magbalik kang muli.

  11. wow ang ganda ng collection ng mommy mo!! ang astig!! sana ganyan din mama ko, higpit ang mama eh…nakakatuwa naman sya, parang lage kaung bonding… =)

    thanks for dropping by sa aking hideaway ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. naxx! sosyal si mommy, ginagala ang buong world para mangolekta ng shot glass. cool hah…!

    go na no, bigyan mo na ng apo..

  13. hoy pao! u n me should get together… my mom’s bugging me about the same thing… lol

    we’ll give them one as a joint effort… hahahaha
    game? game!

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