Ano ba ang gamit ng mga pinoy sa pagb-blog?

I honestly believe that using your blog for personal insights would make it the powerful weapon of opinion it is intended to be.

I should also say that personal style whatever topic tops any blog that I’ve come across. That’s why I think Utakgago, Billycoy, and Rhey are good bloggers (among many others). Coz whatever they write about, you can see the type of person writing.

There is something I find untruthful about writing tech blogs, it’s not really something that comes from you. I can write a tech blog myself but any article I write could be best read somewhere else.

Showbiz blogs get the audience from over-hyped stories. Pwede rin akong magsulat ng showbiz blog… but do I really have to drink the same vermin that Lolit Solis and Cristy Fermin drinks?

Radical anything – Catholicism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Atheism – is just as dangerous as other radical religions. So when do priests/pastors draw the line from what is philosophy oppose to their personal opinion? Hardly anyone would notice… so I just dont read religious blogs. There is no reason for forcing philosophy into the minds of others. Kanya-kanyang trip lang yan.

To me, power is like Krispy Kreme.. you cant have enough of it. So even if Mr. Saintly Reformist gets to sit on the throne, it wont belong before he turns into Mr. Corrupt Sonovabitch. I think that political blogs based on what we should do about the country is largely gibberish.

When you read blogs, it’d be good to find something that makes you feel better about the world.. or your mother-in-law. Still I dont like the idea of the regularity of Erap jokes, or LaSalle jokes (because we’re not as stupid as you think).

30 thoughts on “BLOG DROP [3]

  1. this is not also connected to your post. sorry for late reply. kidapawan is located foot of mt. apo.. hehhe. North Cotabato, Mindanao..

    btw, akin personal diary.. 🙂

  2. Show me an anti religion atheist blog then. I dont recall seeing one. Shari is atheist, so is Euri, myself and Tesstermulo. Atheism is standing up for secularism. You are hardly philosophical in your analysis. It’s borderline pretentious.

  3. salamat sa pagdaan sa page ko. eheh. ang lau ng comment ko sa post mo, kaso napansin kong wala kang tagboad kaya dito ko na lang pnost. 😀

    about dun sa sinabi mo, kung gusto ko talaga ma-drop, pede ko talagang itanong sa prof ko kung bakit xa ganun.. eheheh.. saka para sa kanya, xa lang ang tama eh. 😛


  4. i think i did say ‘kanya-kanyang trip lang yan.’ my point was not about atheism as a whole.. and i do have proof about atheist blogs being anti religion (which i think beats the purpose). i just dont want to patronize them because philosophy is an endless debate.

    if you’re not one of those.. you dont have to defensive.

  5. Thanks for passing by from my blog.

    Para sakin ang pagba-blog is a great tool to practice writing. I am from south so English is difficult for me.

  6. nde ko alam kung anu pang itatawag ko sa blog ko.. DIARY ko xa dati.. ngyOn bsura nlng.. haaaay.. ayoko na magbLog..

  7. @bino/gino – my blog is The Philosophical Bastard. I created 3 other blogs with different functions just to try out certain niches.

  8. im grinning…
    i feel like ive been nominated for the oscars or something…

    I do believe blogging should only be done for yourself, as a form of self expression…

    even if you dont have an audience, it shouldnt matter.
    what should matter is that you get ‘it’ out…

    hahhaa… i love getting mentioned! 🙂

  9. WHat about maski pops blogs(Maski papaano) like mine? Its not meant to impress its just meant to voice out whatever u feel like it. Thanks for dropping by my blog

  10. like rhey, i also love the feeling of being mentioned.

    hmm, i stand up for atheist bloggers because they were brave enough to somewhat defend their belief.

    above all, personal blog rocks.

    if you like blog wars, either make a sex blog or a religious blog. trust me. 🙂

  11. i practice my freedom of speech through blogging. i write, err, type whatever i want.

    agree ako doon sa “kanya kanyang trip lang yan” =)

  12. Heyy, thanks for dropping by my page and for commenting!!

    hmm, akin ay PERSONAL DIARY:
    mah personal record of nonsense events, stupid thoughts, and observations.

  13. Hi thanks for dropping by my blog…

    My blog is a sort of webdiary pero it’s more of the things i find interesting in the internet. I started it as therapy for depression and it worked well for me. I have another one too for my views/philo/nonreligious whatever though… Im planning to put up a fashion blog too! (i need supporteers!)

    haay soo many ideas soo little time!

    AS for the atheist thingie, i know where benj is coming from… I am an atheist myself and i don’t feel the need to bash other religions. people tend to generalise and that’s unfortunate. even atheists themselves have opposing views. Anyway, your blog is great and continue your love for blogging!

  14. woah.. daming blog! hail to all bloggers! I just wonder when and how will the age of blogging stop. ugh..

    thanks for visiting my site. 😀

  15. uy thanks, mentioned pala ako… flattered at medyo nahiya din ako kasi ngayon ko lang ito nabasa.

    pero sobrang thanks! it’s an honor!

  16. pacute blogs – blogs that don’t make sense but whose author seem to be thrilled about his profundity.
    gay blogs – surely you must have seen some.
    blog whores – most blogs actually don’t really make sense but this kind of blogger comments hard to get exposure.
    foul blogs – blogger na palamura.

    there are so many. got any more?

    finally got into your page na. ‘stig. Ü

  17. My blogging is an expression of my crazy, silly and nonsense thought Hehehe. Kagaya nga ng sabi mo, trip trip lang naman…Kung ano lang maisipan!

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