Blog Drop 4: The Pinoy Blog Cast

Blog Drop 4: The Pinoy Blog Caste
An unofficial report on sociological differences
found in the Filipino blogosphere.

1. The Leaders (Kinauukulan) – They are the ones trying to establish blogging as a medium of self-expression in the country. They put up seminars and blog awards. They are grouped in little problogger circles each one thinking how they could maximize their profits from this medium, often through false marketing. Because the bad thing about blogging: you have to help other people before you can be rich.

2. The Elitists – they only relate to people who are within their level, usually the Kinauukulan and the Artistas. They will only link to these people and answer their comments because more than that would be too much for their fingers. They like politics, pets and tennis… others even campaign. They hate punk music.

3. The Artists – or famous people in general. They live their blogging lives exactly like they live it in the reel world – snobbish, pa-cool effect, showbiz answers, always politcally correct. You can almost feel like you’re in a blog pageant (hey what an idea… leaders! let’s have a pageant!)

4. The Artsy-Fartsy – they’re not famous, but they’re great at what they do. Be it singing, dancing, talking, drawing, writing, or taking photos they are hard not to notice. They are also often broke, because those artista’s who dont know anything… took they’re job.

5. The Cool – cool people do what they do best, they chill. They dont try to be politcally correct coz they dont have an image to protect. They also aren’t very good at the things they do, but we love them for their imperfections. We notice them because their articles exude their aura. They know how to smile and treat people, but they stand by their convictions.

6. The Normal – Subjective, normal to me might not be normal for you. If you dont think that you belong to any other, chances are you’re normal.

7. The UnCool – we all are not perfect, so in some ways we can be uncool. But these guys have too much testosterone going on… these are the ones who always resort to cyber bullying or those who comment on one’s blog to insult.

8. The UnNoticed – They are cool but nobody cares about them, specially the leaders. That’s because the leaders first need to earn from them before they begin recognizing them. They must first buy hosting, or become an affiliate, or at least get them to do their design. They should also register for the next Philippine blog awards even if we know that they wouldn’t win.

9. The Indifferent – They exist only for themselves. They do not answer questions, they do not link, they do not reach out to their fellow bloggers. They stay in their hermit caves writing, baking, looking away from the silly little blog hoppers that come their way.

10. The Zombies – You dont know who they are, but they’re there. They go around asking people to check on their articles which are often about Real Estate, Porn, Google Adsense, Free Emoticons or Mesothelioma.

End notes:
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21 thoughts on “Blog Drop 4: The Pinoy Blog Cast

  1. hahaha. I stand by the artsy farties, just because…fine…i’m a wannabe “artsy fartsy”. lol hi, paolo! thanks for passing by. kala ko nga patay ka na kasi you said passing away. lol joke. πŸ˜€

  2. you’re cool

    and i didn’t say that because you commented here. i was serious when i said i will make makati… kaboom!

  3. napansin ko lang… usually ang mga bloggers nagddisplay ng ibang personality sa net…ung iba lang ah.. di ko sinabing lahat.. opinion ko lang naman πŸ™‚

    un lang.. hehehe…

  4. I like tennis so can i call myself an elitist (nah!)? But I’m always broke, so maybe artsy-fartsy (hehe i like that one better)…

    [blog hopping]

  5. Ako rin naglalaro ng tennis pero hindi kami mayaman! Hehe!

    Ang saya nung mga nakaraang series. Asar ang friendster dahil sa mga surveys at yung wordpress naman ay hindi ko maappreciate kasi isa akong noob.

    Wala bang jologs na caste? Hehe!

  6. Nice one, Pao! Kaso hindi ko alam kung nasaan ako dito. Kasalakuyan pa rin akong nag-aAstral projection… Wahehehe!

  7. hophop :]
    cyempre i want to be in the artsy-fartsy ones hehehe
    pero who am i to dictate what people know about me in cyberspace? so siguro nobody ako :)) or a cross between those who exist for themselves only & nobody??? hehehe

  8. hahaha..nice one this post is..
    i think i belong to the normal ones..cause i’m,well..normal.
    but i like this post and all your posts for that matter.theyre a pretty engaging read. πŸ™‚
    thanks for dropping by my blog,btw.

  9. ako sa normal na lang πŸ™‚ nakakatuwa itong caste system mo, although some people wouldn’t agree (esp those who think they are on class of their own :P). buti wala pang umaaway sa iyo because of this? πŸ˜€

    • SΓƒΒ₯ utrolig snilt av Gunnhild ΓƒΒ₯ sende deg de søte knappene:) Klart de mΓƒΒ₯ være pΓƒΒ₯ framsida og synes:) Liker Pelargoniumplanten i vinduet ditt:) takk for hyggelig kommentar hos meg, vi var i Bergen i helga hele familien og det var trivelig:) Det regna jo,.en:)K.em fra Trine:)

  10. this is very nice… reminds me of a post i have written long ago – Some Popular Bloggers.

    but i am wondering what rank i belong… maybe i am a combination of sorts.

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