Man has been obsessed with immortality since the beginning of time. He cropped up one philosophy after another, looked upon the supernatural and extraterrestrial, and concerned himself with clones, time machines and fountains of youth.. all to no avail.

Then there’s those of us who think that soon after his fifteen minutes of fame is over, when his prime has passed; that he will wither under the earth just as mother nature deemed it be. I always say we are symbiotic, we are animals just the same – the most savage of all. And I accept it as such (now kill all those cows coz I love steak!)

Still, there’s a bit of that darn anachronistic spirit in all of us. That which wants to be immortal through influence, or through the thoughts of others – Homer made up stories, the Pharoahs built the pyramids, Einstein sported a geeky haircut, Sam Milby became straight and Happyslip made a video blog.

This is how we will forever remember them… and that, my friends, is immortality! (ok, maybe except Sam Milby)

End notes:
This is the point where I’m supposed to say “Now, watch my videos!” And now that I’ve said that, let’s move on to more sensible things.

22 thoughts on “IMMORTALITY

  1. Nice post….

    Other people became immortal because of their traits and talents…. some of them are Elvis Presley, John Lennon, JFK, Karl Marx, Albert Einstein, Adolf Hitler, Sam Milby, etc.. :p

  2. and this is so not related with your post..

    but really, thank you! nakakashock.. hahaha..

    maraming salamat ulit!
    btw, linked you up!

    ur’s is good too! kip it up philosopher.. hihihi

  3. ooooh i love steak toooo 🙂

    that was the only thing that registered while reading this entry…
    all that immortality talk did not sink in…
    hmmm steak…

  4. hahaha i love your post. dead-serious here. thanks for your comment in my blog anyway. i replied to your comment in my blog. =D

  5. Insightful. But damn, the Sam Milby hotdog bit threw me off! Shouldn’t have read the comments portion. ^v^

  6. Kamon.immortality.
    I remember nga pla…
    forum member ako ng immortality…

    and we talked about xempre..


    except sam milby.haha.

    he’s one of my fave pba players.
    shock ako..kala ko sya ung magtag sken.haha. la lng.


  7. I didn’t get what the post was about. I mean I got it but I didn’t get the point XD Lol. But then who am I to talk, me and my posts about Hello Kitty 😛

    Thanks for dropping by 🙂

  8. and blogging isn’t a bid for immortality? 😀

    thanks for dropping by. will be haunting your blog from now on. great posts 🙂 i shall link thee.

  9. i like happyslip. i like her bec she’s a nurse too! ^-^ when i go to USA and become a nurse, i’ll be happyslip the second. lol

  10. side commments after a seriously written line still gets me… the steak, and oh yeah… sam milby. geez!

    i enjoyed reading this. now i remember, i haven’t been able to visit this blog because i haven’t linked you up!

    mind if we exchange link?

  11. hello……
    thanks for passing bye ha?

    Immortality…..ewan ko….hindi ko masayado na intindihan…lol

    immorality, ja, klareks…

    thanks again, have a nice day there….

  12. thanks for the link… i linked you already as well…

    oh i forgot!

    love that little pharoah dude… hahaha! 😀

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