Why is it that when the poor go on rallies, it hurts the economy? But when the rich folks go out, it feels as though it’s justified.

Maybe because the rich wont bother going on rallies if not for dire need. Why would they allow their skin to be exposed to pollution? Why would they allow their feet to walk on the streets? Why would they waste their voices shouting cliches?

Maybe we should just tell the conio’s ( Philippine upper class) to rally for the poor so that the government would finally notice the impoverished.

End notes:
Realistically, I will probably die if the government gets a look at this. So in case anything happens, I just wanna say ‘I love Jennifer Aniston.’

21 thoughts on “LABOR DAY

  1. Mayaman na sila kaya di na nila kailangan maghirap magrally like poor people. Hay naku naman hirap maging mahirap.

  2. blog hopped too..nice.
    i like reading your gives me something to think about and ponder on..really. keep it up.

  3. True ka dyan! Napag-isip tuloy akoh. Bat parang di feel makinig ng mga tao sa mga mahihirap? Bakit kaya?

  4. Oo nga noh! Ngayon ko lang naisip yun. Unfair talaga.

    Nakakatuwa naman yung “Dapat ang mga mayayaman na lang ang magrally para sa mga mahihirap para may makinig sa kanila. Either that or the poor people of the Philippines learn to talk like Kris Aquino.”. lol

    Pero pano nga kaya kung mag “conyo” ang mga mahihirap nating mga kababayan sa twing mag-rrally sila? lol.

  5. agree ako kay michelle. Ayaw na nila mahirapan pa kasi mayaman na sila. may kaya na sila. Siguro napagoddin sila bago sila naging mayaman. Nagpakahirap din sila. Ngayon na naging maginhawa na ang buhay nila, sa tingin ko di na nila kailangan makipagrally pa.Hindi naman kasi talaga importante ang rally. sa totoo lang, di ko alam kung anu yung point ng pagrarally ng mga tao. Lalo lang nila sinisira ang ekonomiya ng ating bansa. :/

  6. apathy, i guess. kahit na ba the rich people have no need to take to the streets, dapat they should learn to understand the plight of the poor and take steps to fight alongside them. because of their influence, the rich ones can actually make a bigger difference for the poor if they choose to. kaya lang they don’t. ganyang-ganyan ang mga politiko sa bansa natin, i have yet to see a government official who has a sincere interest to alleviate poverty.

  7. kahihiyan itu, if you ask me
    dapat siguro isuko na natin ang Pilipinas sa america
    ganun nalang cguro

  8. glad to know you are still alive…

    this is exactly what i hate about the Filipino mentality…
    basta mayaman ka, may sinabi ka…
    basta may ‘accent’ ka, artistahin ka na…
    etc etc etc…

    reminds me of your earlier post about the satire… so many things that are funny and sad and true…
    so many things i can only shake my head upon…
    so many things i cannot cahnge…

  9. waahahahahah!!!! ang galing ng pic!!! btw! me ganyan akong entry tungkol sa sosyalerang rallyista!!! hnd nga lang kagandahan dh puro angal lang ang pinagsasabi!!! btw nyz entry!!!

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