Word has been spreading around the blogosphere about The Top 10 Influential Blogs of 2007. To join you have to post the list in your blog, you will have to link this, and then you will have to comment on that link (and post the link to your list) in order for them to know that you’re participating. Magulo ba?

You can nominate any blog all over the world for as long as it began no later than August 2006. That means you can nominate me!!!

Here’s my list of the Top 10 Influential Blogs of 2007
1. The Philosophical Bastard
The golden rule states: “Love thy neighbor as yourself.” Hence, I can only learn to love others by first loving myself!

2. Pilipinas Street Plan
Astig sila. Gusto ko yung ginagawa nila maski illegal. ahehe

3. Gagopolis
I had been hooked to his articles from the time his mom discovered his porn (may 10, 2007). I have also been to his archives… they’re great.

4. CokskiBlue
The good thing about surfing the blogosphere is you come across unique blogs. I really enjoy watching this guy’s vlogs.

5. The Vegan Prince
I’ve only discovered his blog last week. I scoured his archives and I must say, his blog’s a good read. He’s not eating meat so he can save the animals.. kaya medyo mapapaisip ka rin. (pero mahilig talaga ko sa steak)

6. Instant Pakulo
Meron siyang alagang ipis, si Coman, at yun lang ang basis ko kung bakit ko siya inonominate.

7. Utakgago
I swear you will never think that it is authored by a 16 year old.

Nakakatawa pero hindi overly-derranged.

9. Gibbs Cadiz
Informative at mataas ang entertainment factor.

1o. Kubiyat
It’s amazing how she makes the normalcies of life seem like adventures for her readers.

End notes:
Hindi ako masyadong nag-pay-attention sa requirements so kung may mali paki-korek na lang ako. =)


  1. ahahaha. lol i always check your video blogs! they’re funny as hell. hahaha thanks. 😀

    oooh yup yup, utakgago is a genius. and i like yours too. 🙂

    link kita, kuya?

  2. Uy gulat naman ako. Salamat!

    Seriously I love your blog too. You see things from a different perspective–even the littlest things. Who would’ve thought about chess? I really like that entry.

  3. ei! thanks for dropping by 🙂 i never thought someone would read my walang kakwentang kwentang blog… ehehehe 🙂

  4. @jehzeel
    i linked you already. so maybe you can start writing comments that are considerate of the post? =)

  5. ever since you got kuazee.blogspot – i admired the way you speak. now, i even like the way you write.

    😛 thanks for featuring me!

  6. Whoa! After this post, you are now my best friend! LOL. Really, I do not deserve any accolades.. I am just doing what I feel is right. 😉

    The Vegan Prince

  7. oo nga naman, learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all 🙂 your blog is nice so tama lang na i-nominate mo siya 🙂

  8. nakakalito yung instructions chong. im sure the most influential blog will be given due recognition even if not voted.

    honga, your blog is kind of influential. it influences people to be… everywhere?

  9. utakGAGO and COY…again?!

    LOL. Kevin’s soon to be my schoolmate in UPLB. And I’m hoping we’d also be in the same course since he said he’s going to shift courses. Wala lang, share.

    And with COY? No comment.

  10. Thank you again for joining this writing project. Will include your entry in our raffle this Wednesday.

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