All around the blogosphere election related articles have sprung like political killings. Sadly, I am impersonal to the upcoming elections because I am abroad so I cant campaign for Victor Wood, although some of you would realize that I tried.

And because talking about the elections would be sort of anti-climactic, I would, instead, like to take this opportunity to declare my candidacy for the 2028 presidential elections!


I am running under the party called YAGBOLS – Young and Groovy Boys of La Salle, and I am stressing my pagka-Lasalista on this matter because Ateneo produced Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and Erap Estrada. More than this, the only time the LaSallians decided to cheat was in the UAAP, and they got caught.

For every campaign there is a need for funding. If you scroll down the sidebar there is an icon saying “Make A Donation.” If you’d like to support the campaign you should probably donate all your money right now.

Posters are a nuisance to the country during election year. So I shall minimize my usage of posters by putting one that will be immediately noticed.

I believe the Comelec allows monikers to be used in the voting process? Noli de Castro can be called Kabayan, Tito Sotto can be called Tito. So, as previously stated, my moniker will be, whether you like it or not, “The 2028 Philippine President!”


It’s the repetition of affirmations that leads to belief.
And once that belief becomes a deep conviction,
things begin to happen.

Muhammad Ali

19 thoughts on “WHEN I BECOME PRESIDENT…

  1. @laraholic
    sometimes i dont feel like it. i was the “patay na bata” type of kid. one time i was hanging out with some of my batchmates (coz i had friends) and one of the guys from the batch asked me

    “so what highschool did you go to?”

  2. Wew. nice one!

    Wel.. say it over and over and it MAY come to pass.. but you have to reside here in Pinas to run! ahihihi.

  3. “so what highschool did you go to?”
    is a funny story definitely worthy of its own post.
    thanks for the visit.
    btw haven’t heard of the term yagbols in a long time. (‘~’)

  4. I’d definitely vote for YAGBOLS! Hehe!

    During “Isang Tanong” forum in GMA-7…

    “Hindi ko alam kung ano ang Parliamentary Gov’t at Charter Change.” – Victor Wood


  5. “i see you have two slots not filled yet. how about Victor Wood (*big horrendous smile*)”

    i don’t even wanna talk about “him”.. maybe you’d want to vote for him then? (^^,)

    good luck on your presidenzy.. thanks for the visit..

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