Remember the evil kid I was talking about? I met her again. I saw her peeking from the kitchen planning yet another mischievous deed. I called her and I told her I missed her. She didn’t say anything but she ran for a hug. That was the last that I liked her..

Her Ate (older sister) was her first victim.

evil kid: Ate’s got a boyfriend.
ate: no I dont.
evil kid: yes, you do. he’s name is Aaron
paolo: I think I heard Aaron before. Isn’t he the volleyball guy?
evil kid: yes, he’s the girly man.

I laughed out loud!

ate: no, he’s just into sports. he likes swimming, baseball, soccer.
evil kid: and volleyball.
paolo: [saying to evil kid] you like “volleyball guy” for ate?
evil kid: [comes closer and whispers something to my ear] no, his head is bigger than his body.

ate: what’s she telling you?
paolo: volleyball guy reminds your sister of those super mario dudes.
ate: what, the mushroom heads?
evil kid: yes.


evil kid: do you like Spngebob?
paolo: no, he’s evil.
evil kid: why is he evil?
paolo: i dont know.
ate: i saw him humping Patrick.

ate starts to do humping motions.

paolo: [saying to ate] stop doing that!
ate: why?
paolo: it’s bad
evil kid: [imitating her ate] why is this bad?


For awhile it looked like her ate was gonna get all the beating. That was until they started making me do the spirit fingers. Apparently, the “Bring it on” choreography is making a comeback on highschool campuses. This is what they made me do.

End notes:
dont ever expect me to do that on video!


  1. That was a cool dance.. lol

    Hehe I don’t understand if that evil girl is real or just fiction. But this is a funny post. Nice.

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