Dear Toni,

I was hoping that you would never read this.. my only reason in posting something like this is because I couldn’t finish an open letter to Xerex Xaviera.

Open letters are now becoming a fad in the blogging world, and pinoys are making them too. However, I am appalled to see that open letters written by pinoy bloggers are often directed to people of different nationalities (or cosmic entities). For me it is a bit anti-climactic to write letters knowing, at the back of your mind, that they will never be read by those for whom it is intended to.

So I thought of writing an open letter to you. At least this is a bit more realistic.

*big evil smile*

Before you dance and cheer, I should say that you were not first on my list. You follow only after God, Xerex Xaviera, my guardian angel, my future self, the bestfriends I never had and my little mushy.

So there…

I do think that you are hot. There is a boyish charm to you, one that Sam Milby seem to have less of. Now that’s what I call an equalizer – tomboyish girl meets girly-man. Astig!

I miss the days when you weren’t famous. Back when you had to eat live shrimp for the sheer fun of fulfilling the audiences’ cheers. Back when you were the jolog-kikay-girl who lost her poise at the presence of Piolo Pascual.. another girly-man. I like seeing false conio-ness in people.. you most of all, because you did not look rich.

Now everything has changed. You get classier by the minute. Your belts have become thicker, your smile has become cute and, worst of all, your taglish has become believable. It’s like you’re not acting rich anymore. I also notice that your hips are getting bigger.

I like the smart comedienne that you come off to be. Slapstick was never my turf. But that’s that.

Forgive me, but I do not like you anymore. It was never meant for us to be together. I’m sorry, we’re just friends!

Tenks tenks,

xxOOxx ooXXoo xx x wink! Btw, my new video is up.


  1. Hahhaa… uu nga, many bloggers tend to make open letters na alam nila hindi sila magkakaroon ng trouble. Kumbaga, playing safe.

    Taga sa amin si Toni Gonzaga dati, sa may taytay rizal. I remember once nagiinternet pa sya sa computer shop namin noon. Hindi pa sya sikat non, wala pa sa TV. Pero may crush na ako sa kanya noon.


    ayun, biglang nagshowbiz. Hindi ko na sya nakita. Hheehe.

  2. i have nothing against toni gonzaga,

    pero natawa ako sa open letter mo sa kanya..

    parang naging kayo pero ayaw ong aminin! he he he


  3. No! Not that song! I hate that song.

    Your voice was pretty good though. You just need a better song choice next time πŸ˜›

  4. Napansin ko nga rin na sa mga girly-man laging pinapartner si Toni. To balance her tomboyish charm. Haha!


    Pwede ka na pangKTV! let’s go! Hehe!

  5. I like toni too. hmmm… after reading this letter, parang mas gusto ko ang letter mo kaysa kay toni. (connection??)

  6. I used to like Toni when she was just an underdog. But then, I always like the underdogs, the sidekicks, the less known, more than the look-at-me heroes and heroines.

    Or, maybe it’s just because she left EB that I’ve grown to resent her every move.


    i make open letters too. they’re fun. haaha.

    you like keira knightley pala? hahaha. cool. πŸ˜€

  8. Hahaha. I liked Toni before because she seemed so smart and funny. The pool accident/incident was really OA because her network made it look like it was going to end her career (sigh of relief there?). I was surprised seeing her on TV a few days later.
    Would you know I started writing an open letter to Kris Aquino to tell her I wish she’d be a better role model because my son loves her so much? It’s still in my draft. I’m still summoning up the inspiration to finish it. There’s nothing much to write about Kris these days. Thank God.

  9. ahahaha…
    hmmmm… bagay nga sana kayo noon nung hindi pa ‘class’ yung itsura niya.hehehe..joke

    but its always constant that changes do happen… it must be a sign na baka you have to find someone else… pokwang perhaps..hehehe

  10. sabi mo:
    Open letters …. For me it is a bit anti-climactic to write letters knowing, at the back of your mind, that they will never be read by those for whom it is intended to.

    sabi mo din:
    I was hoping that you would never read this

    sabi ko naman:
    tenks, tenks, napatawa mo ako sa open letter na ito. πŸ˜€

    kelan naman kaya ang ‘yung post ng letter mo for (1) God, (2) xerex, (3) guardian angel, (4) future you, (5) bestfriend you never had, (6) your little mushy?

    aabangan namin ‘yan ha.

  11. I watched Toni in a fund-raising concert sa UP theatre. Okay naman sya. Like most of the artists who participated, she delivered her own testimonial on how God’s guidance paved droads for her. Otherwise, I know little of her.

    I am sorry that you seemed to have lost your fondness or admiration of her.

  12. I LOL’d at the PS. “PS.
    xxOOxx ooXXoo xx x wink!” haha!!

    By the way, I missed a chance to meet Xerex once. He’s a UST graduate and he visited our building one time. I wasn’t there to witness it. haha

    I really like your voice. *swoons*

  13. Hahhahah… There are already 30 posts here and in my envy I was having second thought of adding more. But then I just have to send you my appreciation.

    Now, I’m linking you.

  14. showbiz ah!

    I don’t like toni as a comedienne. But she’s funny. She should try some dramatic roles sometime.

  15. For me, i like toni g now! Before kasi parang lagi nalang syang kinakawawa or ginagawang tanga (although bagay din naman sa kanya, i’m not saying na tanga sya ha?! basta! kilala ko naman yung totoong TONI G. behind the camera).

    Thanks for this open letter! At sa palagay ko nabasa na ata ngayon ni Toni itong letter mo sa kanya, whahahaha! Lagot ka!!!!!!!

  16. haahah ang kulet mo talaga Pao.. she don’t deserve u.. kaya mabuti pang tapusin mo na ang paghanga s knya.. bwahahahah

  17. Oh i dont know, i still like her, as a person and as a celebrity.

    But her adlibs in Filipino at PBB and PDA can get a little messy sometimes, haha! Yung siya mismo, nalilito sa pinag-sasabi niya..

  18. Toni Gonzaga is one of my role models. Grabe, super talented at super habulin! I saw her twice pero nahihiya ako magpapicture LOL

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