Fearless forecast: NU will not win this year.

The same story told for the past 70 years, but with a different cast.

Consider the 70th UAAP season a foresight of Hell. Ten kids in a coliseum, a ball to fight over, a color to represent and what do you know – the whole country is watching. Still we accept it as law. Basketball is as much a part of our culture as balut, gossiping, rigging elections and rallying to oust a president. Except we put pretty boys at the helm of this sport. And for what? The pride of many; the pockets of few.

This year will be no different. UP will still not win a championship, Ateneo will still look good doing it, and LaSalle will bring the most irritable taglish speaking crowd. UST will not be expected to do anything, but they will pull off some miracle that would make you wanna pray to Saint Thomas more (than Saint LaSalle). UE will still be 4th and this is still not the year for NU and Adu. Did I forget anyone? FEU or something…

The UAAP serves as a breeding ground for athletes to make money off of basketball until they’re thirty. After which they are adopted to coach, assist or do some weird thing in a company to make them come off as some successful person. Those who wanna make more out of life may even run for office, or get into TV. Basketball, Showbiz and Politics – it is as divine as God the Father, God the son and God the Holy Spirit.


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23 thoughts on “ANOTHER UAAP SEASON

  1. aynakow!! simula nanaman ng hindi pagsipot sa mga lakad para lang makanood ng uaap 🙂
    malay natin, baka gumaling na ang u.p.
    go fighting maroons! 🙂

  2. Actually, the some of the schools you mentioned started in the NCAA with San Beda College. They left the league after realizing they cannot win there. Hehehe. That’s why NCAA is older.

  3. Basketball, Showbiz and Politics – it is as divine as God the Father, God the son and God the Holy Spirit.
    <--Good one!

  4. Haha, well, there’s hope for UP now, considering the maderpaking tuition fee increase… they might use that to entice players, hehehe.

    UP Payt!

  5. never been a fan of basketball or any sport for that matter. but you just hit this nail on the head! ang kulit ng captions hehe =D

  6. Sana wag na USTE manalo, NU naman para maiba! O kaya PUP! Oops, di pa kasali PUP, hehe!

    Paolo, add kita sa links ko ha! Salamat!

  7. @chickenmafia
    i just learned that they were back this morning. and that the lasalle ateneo match is on july 26.

    honestly, though, i think the league was just fine without them.

  8. Whoopee!
    1-2-3! Together Now!
    Strawberry Shortcake, Blueberry Pie!

    Don’t you just love La Salle cheers? (Of course, no one knows what the hell Fabilioh or Halikinu mean either, but they sound cool).

    Go Team Captain ng Blue Eagles! I dont care about the others na.

  9. @lei
    i think NU means National University.

    and why do i have this you’re talking about your boyfriend?

    you have the coolest college basketball site ever!!!

    i hope ateneo wins this year. just coz they should’ve won it last year.

  10. Lol. Pao- Imaginary boyfriend lang. Hahahaha. Papatayin ako ng legions of female fans niya kung totoo. Lol. We at katips hope strongly na Ateneo mananalo. Pero asa pa. 🙁 Last year dapat eh. Ill have to trade in my blue for green this year. Ugh.

  11. talagang walang gagawin ust. baket mageeffort pa eh over-all champion din naman ang ending.

    but then uaap is all about basketball, it makes u want to puke. pweh.

    asa na lang ang ibang schools. Ü

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