About two weeks ago I came across a blog that had a post about a guy who wanted to kill himself with his car, and then he met someone who wanted to ride with him. That’s as much as I can remember (I dont even know if that’s right). Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to link the guy and so, for the past weeks, I’ve been relocating him.

Now can somebody please spare me of my misery and point me to that blog. The only mark i can give is that it’s got lots of mangoes on its banner.

Meanwhile, here’s another crop of blogs worth reading.

Puckering Time – he taught me how to pronounce Ferrero Rocher. since then I’ve been gatecrashing his blog. You should too. He’s too cool I cant even address him with his real name. Seriously.

Mike Villar – I just found him this morning. I posted a comment asking if we can be friends.. he replied “are you sure you want to be associated with me?” Hahaha. And I thought I should be asking that question.

FruityOaty – Everybody’s voting for her in the Top 10 Emerging Influential blogs, I almost feel guilty not finding her early enough. If you’re reading this, what the hell are Tim Tams?

In the Brink of the Metal Warzone – people say he’s an alterego of another blogger. I dont believe them. In the same way that I think ChickenMafia is authored by a real chicken, Agent Grey is a person of his own and I’m a fan… And my alterego is Orlando Bloom.

Caulfieldisms – we share a hatred for Binibinig Joyce Bernal films and the question on why her name has to have “Binibini” ..I mean, seriously, you dont call me Binatang Paolo Mendoza right?! Anyway, that’s enough to put him in this list but you’ll find more reasons when you do read his blog.

Other updates:
Instant Pakulo’s pet cockroach, Coman, has a suitor. kilig!
Speaking of bugs, Rhey ate one! I swear you have to check it out..
Cokskiblue has a new vid, at ipinanganak na ang kanyang female version – si Tanggera!

O yun lang muna. Pag nakita niyo yung blog na maraming manga paki sabihan lang ako! Tenks tenks!

15 thoughts on “BLOGS OF NOTE

  1. Nice list of new blogs to read. I am a fan of fruityoaty coz she is fruity as well as oaty. Okay I sounded cheesy on that one.

    Hmmm did you try googling that blog about this guy of yours? (The one who wants to kill himself with his car)

  2. hoy!
    pambihira… minention mo na nman ako.. eh sabi ko sa yo i want to remain isolated…

    thanks pao. now the entire world knows i eat bugs for the fun of it…


  3. ooh if im not mistaken, tim tams are chocolate biscuits… i love their mint flavored ones… and double chocolate… hmmm hmmm hmmm

    or maybe those are the tim tams here… lol

  4. hi paolo! i will come back to read all of your stuff. just swinging by to say im still alive! ha! and u already have a domain! talk of me missing so much (sounds corny noh lol). sige. will comment about ur posts soon. 😎

  5. ei paolo thanks for dropping by my site.

    were you looking for the site of the guy who has a picture of him kissing a green mango?

    if that’s him… sorry, but i also forgot his url. hehe.

  6. @rhey
    ok ok. the next time i’ll mention you will be when you post that lifehouse cover.

    i’m so happy ur back! i’ve been dropping by ur page hoping it’s the 11th already. ahehe (and what’s this surprise involving maika and kubi alll about)

    yes that’s the one!!!

  7. maraming mangga… hmm.. no idea. pero if i see someone’s blog na feel ko yun yung guy, i’ll def. let u know. and i`ll visit those blogs in a bit. thanks pala for dropping by sa aking munting bloga. =]

  8. Naku, I just read the other week why Joyce uses the Binibini word in her name..

    Nagloloko lang daw siya, tapos, tawa daw nang tawa yung ibang direktor.. Kaya ayun…

    I kinda appreciate her films though, hehe..

  9. I’m a fan of your first commenter for this post – Chase of The Queer Chef. I love his quirkily written recipes (which he doesn’t seem to do often these days).

    Dude, thanks for the link love.

    To be honest, I’m now a fan of your blog. I may not always comment (I’m a bit of a lurker at heart), but I’ll be around.

    L8tr days!

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