First – a shout out – thanks to Crescent Moon (and that Johnny Depp comment), Firstman, Alohapenny, Agent Grey, Fjordz, Shari, Lei, Rhey and all those who included me in their list of Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs of 2007. If I failed to post your name, please tell me. Also, for those who would create their lists soon, please give me a note if you include this blog. Here’s how.

Next… I put my previous post about work back on draft because some of my friends read my blog and I don’t want to say anything that might be offensive and jeopardize my already dead-end job. Actually, it’s innate in me to save posts as drafts for future use. I call it benchmarking! (see how my post list looks like below)

Today I leave you with some of the blogs I’ve noticed of this past week.

Maika – when Orlando Bloom comments on your post, there’s no reason why your blog shouldn’t be invaded.

A’s Asylum by ZeroVoltage – because I love smart bloggers who know how to chill.

ChickenMafia – I mentioned him before but I didnt say this: we share the same thoughts (world domination among other things).. except that he’s a chicken.

The Aryanism Addiction – his words are just as eye-catching as his works.

Unsent – I cant stop reading.

Presenting Paolo’s Post List

12 thoughts on “BLOGS OF NOTE

  1. huwaw. so many drafts. i have only 3-4 drafts in my account. ahihi.

    congrats for being one of their choices. 🙂

  2. Ang daming drafts.

    And well, I just have to agree with those people who are including you in the emerging list. You definitely deserve to be there. If I am to make mine, you’d be there. But I need a little more convincing. LOL

  3. Yay! My blog is of note! Thanks for the link ~:>

    Let’s see the “murders” one. Why is it too gory for your taste? How can you achieve world domination without gore and violence?

  4. Wow. Those were a lot of drafts. :)) HAHAHAHA! Madami din akong ganyan. Especially when I’m writing an article for our school paper. XD

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