1898 Philippines. As the war of the tagalogs broke out in the open, a man from the Ilocos region, one that has been unaffected by the revolution, rushes to a Spanish friar. Quintin Alcid carries with him a manuscript entitled “Ayat Kaanonto Ngata?” (Love When Shall It Be?)

8 thoughts on “DON QUINTIN ALCID

  1. Wow! Nakaka-amaze naman ang kwento ng mga ancestors mo!

    Astig! Yung tipong mababasa mo talaga sa mga history books!

  2. i like the point you make about our version of heroes. relativity.

    (naks, may sarili nang domain! congrats!)

  3. @poli
    ang hindi nila alam… merong mga portugese na flat-nosed. tignan mo ilong ko!

    natutunan ko lang din yun sa history prof ko before, na manila lang yung at war maski developed na rin ang ilocos at cebu. but anyway… uu paolomendoza na talaga ko! astig!

  4. wow!!!
    so much history there!!!
    i only know a few things about where i came from…

    my grandfather (my mom’s dad) was one of magsaysay’s personal bodyguards. He was suppose to be on the plane with the president when it crashed, but he wanted to be with my lola for a few days more and got permission from his boss (magsaysay) if he could go and just meet them wherever they were going… ofcourse the president never made it… and at the same time the government thought my lolo was part of a sabotage plan to kill the president…

    my other grandfather was featured in TIME magazine during the early 60s because he formulated something for calculating statistics or something related to the census…

    and i am a product of their genes…

    wow… that’s as long as an entry…

    you and me pao… we are one of a kind! lol…

  5. I’d like to hear some more stories from you. As you can see, my family name is also Alcid. I believe, if my memory serves me right, my father ones told me that the grandson of certain Quintin Alcid married a a woman from Abra. One of his grandsons would be my father’s grandfather.
    I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you.

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