If you dont yet know, commenting is one of the biggest gifts you can give me as a blogger. It makes my service more fulfilling; a free one at that. You could at least stash a tip.

I try to give every one of my readers a good experience in my site. Even if my visitors are varied – young, old, male, female, fat, slim, stupid, smart, rich, poor etc, I provide them with the same intriguing, romantic, dark mysterious wit that caresses their inner beings.

Who’s hot? Me!

I think of my readers when I write. What makes them happy keeps them coming back; and when they come back, I am fulfilled. I guess I want to connect with them as I write.. that explains the romantic part. The witty side I’ve developed as an added charm. Even the ugly animals love foreplay. Then there are those who want it harsh. And I give it to them harsh. It’s kinky!

A post without comments drains me; it deems my skill impotent. Twice I have thought of leaving this horrid activity. But the idea that I might soon come across the one that will complete me as a blogger made me stay. I’m dreamy like this.. all the time.

Anyway, commenting fuels me to ejaculate my mind and come up with the creamiest posts for you; crop up the best thoughts and words that will greatly vivify your experience. Actually, I am ejaculating it right now.

18 thoughts on “I AM THE ONLINE GIGOLO

  1. I’ve been reading some of your posts and particularly loved the open letter to toni. I have decided to comment on this one though to be the first one to do it. 🙂

  2. “A post without comments drains me; it deems my skill impotent.”

    hmmm… honestly, i don’t feel that way. most of the times pa nga, delete ko comment lalo na pag ende ko knows kung sino ang nagpost at walang link sa blog niya whatsoever.

    anyway, you’re ejaculating right now? how’s it going? =D

  3. This post should be censored! It’s Kinky… Hahaha!

    I wonder, what WOULD complete you as a blogger?

    Grabe, may live-show pala dito! Avert your eyes children!!!

  4. Xerxes is so gay in that part LOL …

    He he … no lurking na pala dito. Di bale I’ll try to make my presence felt when I pass by …

  5. Gawd, you crack me up with your stuff. Using the sex angle, eh?

    Creamiest… gawd, eww. LOL, I’m having a visual and I now have to gouge out my virtual eyes. Ehrr, I’ll pretend you’re referring to a custard-filled Krispy Kreme. Yeah.

  6. @zerovolate
    lurking is not a prob. i just wanted to write a post that’ll talk about the importance of comments without sounding too demanding. 🙂

    i know exactly what you mean.

    it could serve you whatever purpose. i’m flexible. 😉

    thanks for dropping by. for multiple orgasms, pls drop by other posts.

  7. Haha, pero minsan naman kasi, hindi related yung comment nung ibang tao kaya nakakaasar din minsan.

    Beware of premature ejaculation bro.

  8. @nooritan

    premature ejaculation happened to me once. i kept that memory on draft.

    …looks like everyone’s thinking the same way. this calls for an orgy!

  9. likewise here, it feels really good when you’re getting feedbacks from what you’ve posted.. 😛

    i’ve been lurking in and out of your blog for quite a while now.. mind if we exchange links? i’d appreciate it.



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