I had my blog reviewed by Berate My Blog.. You should too! I got an 8.8 which was so much more than I imagined. I guess the people behind the blog are really open-minded!

Of their comments the one that struck me most was the relation to Steinbeck. This was the fourth time I had been presented with Steinbeck; twice by bloggers, twice by friends. He’s supposedly one of those cool dramatic people who have a knack for grim storytelling. Steinbeck’s works are recommended reading for American highschoolers.

“If you could mind your p’s and q’s, Paolo, and get some training, you could be our pinoy Steinbeck.” Berate my Blog

Due to the Steinbeck relations, I figured I’d write a head-to-head account to save others on any future comparions (which I dont mind, btw).

Steinbeck: Deceased. Lived 1902-1968.
Mendoza: Breathing. 1981-present

Steinbeck: Works read by highschoolers across America and Canada
Mendoza: Works read by Billycoy, Joyfulchicken and people of similar wavelengths.

Steinbeck: Writing style – Dramatic, maybe cheesy, sometimes grim.
Mendoza: Writing style – Commas misplaced, too many dots and dashes, not enough sense.

Steinbeck: Stories drawn from history such as the Great Depression and the World Wars
Mendoza: Stories drawn from other people’s misery and other common forms of suffering.

Steinbeck: Winner Pulitzer Prize 1940
Mendoza: Semi-Palanca Award wannabe (meaning, I dream of getting one but I dont take time to write and submit anything)

Steinbeck: Winner Nobel Prize for Literature 1962
Mendoza: Winner Most Friendly Award 1987 (kindergarten)

End notes:
For those who would like to be reviewed by Berate My Blog. Just drop by their site and leave a comment.

17 thoughts on “STEINBECK VS MENDOZA

  1. Hey, Mang Steinbingo! I was surfing the blogosphere for good blogsites to pare with. I found some but they seem to be out of my genre.

    I found you!

    You are not a Lloren, are you?

  2. hey i left a comment here the oter day. did you delete it?
    does this mean im not part of the circle?

    astig yung comment sa yo ah… did you bribe them with your kare kare? hahahaha

  3. Wow, gutsy ka at nagpa-rate ka and Steinbeck pa ang labas, naks. Ayoko nga, baka sabihin ka-level ko yong mga nagsusulat sa Mills and Boon. Nyehehe.

  4. @everyone
    for whatever it’s worth, everyone who goes to this blog and comments gets a 10.10 rating from me.

    I’m gonna go to hell anyway, why not go there for the right reasons… like flattery!

  5. walanjo, kelangan ko pa mag wikipedia para lang maka-relate sino si steinbeck

    so after reading that, my initial reaction was, “ows talaga?”

    then i asked, “e sino ba sina Unica at Fiona ng BerateMyBlog?”

    (asar, ang dami kong hindi kilala ah)

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