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Every great story has an overwhelming villain. So when I spoke to Rhey about plotting against a nemesis, I wanted everything covered. The easiest way would be to come up to him and smack him right in the face, but that’s lame. I want something drastic, something methodically conceptualized, something that will make him despise himself… like torture.

Here’s a little backstory…

This person had been spreading ill words about me from under my nose. My immediate inkling said that he wanted a confrontation. He likes confrontations because he is brainy; it fuels his ego. I’m particularly smart as well, so I dont play his game. Instead I play the indifferent sheep… the oppressed one who gains other’s sympathy. This pisses him off more and I love it!

He goes to plan B. He befriends all of my colleagues and tries to ruin my reputation with them. Luckily I’m an obnoxious sonovabitch. How do you ruin an already ruined reputation? Well… you cant. My friends don’t support him but they do not defend me either. They do not want to be part of this cold war, and honestly, I prefer it that way.

Hence, I leave. I do not take part of their dealings. I make myself more sympathetic by playing the one role I’ve mastered all this years – the loner. I become a hermit in my cave. But in this cave I have access to hundreds of spies who tell me every single move he makes. And from there I realize just how grave his hatred of me is, saying behind my back that i’m stupid, idiotic, pretentious etc..

There’s a difference between plastic and civil. He is plastic because he does not have the guts to confront me; he resorts to backstabbing. Meanwhile, I am civil because I do not respond to his hatred. I care not for the pointlessness of his issues even if I actually do care at the back of my head.

Perhaps that is the biggest thing people could throw at me – why would talk about it if I claim he doesn’t concern me. Well people …it’s not that I don’t care, it’s just that I dont mind. My brain does not accept stimuli from cunning people with wide vocabularies. I have a dimple and my smile is as vicious as my anger. He knows this already and he understands that no type of conversation would grant my loss. That is, in fact, what affects him the most.

Ten years from now he will continue to hate me, pointlessly, because he is shallow. And I will have treasured every wasteful minute he devoted to these emotions.

mwahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!! (imagine that echoing too)


  1. how brutal! same mindset pala tayo regarding mind games
    1. deprive him of his friends, without saying anything against him.
    2. ignore him.
    3. occassionally ambush his plans
    4. frustrate him
    5. befriend his parents, and show them that you are a good boy

    but in the end, there is plenty of room for compassion inside my heart and brain. That is why i cannot carry out my plans A, B, C, D and E.

  2. @lazarus
    i have never resorted to number 5. i must try that some time…

    if all else fails. i shall heed your advice

  3. you could go zen and let this all flow over you.

    then again, he seems like a real tool. he needs to be punished. get him where it hurts! mwahahahahaha!

  4. you know it’s better if you show him that he doesn’t piss you off, that he is nothing to you. It will frustrate him that all of his plans to piss you are not bearing fruit. Or you could just run him over with a truck. Clean and easy 🙂

  5. Mwahahahahaha!

    *ahem* *ahem*

    Sorry about that, Laughing Maniacally can be so contagious…

    I suggest the strategy of breaking him down, whoever HE is… Find out his strengths, and slowly strip him of each one. That way, you get to bask in his downfall every time.

    That’s so mean!


    please excuse me for a moment, I feel another maniacal laughter coming…

  6. @kubi
    nice nice. i coud haunt him with my zen humming… hummmmm hummmmm

    now where can i get this truck?

    this i could use as a threat message… with a stuffed animals head.

    yeah. confrontational people are beaten without it.

    well, what do you know? your maniacal laughter sure is contagious!!!

  7. am i supposed to wait on your plan to happen, or you’ve actually killed him? 😀 it’s just you lost me on the robert greene and law thingy… 😀

    mwahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!! *ooops! they’re right, it’s so contagious*

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