1. I do not know how to swim and to ride a bike. Some of you already know that, but I dont think I added that I dont know how to whistle as well. And I’m a lame dancer.

2. The things I’ve shoplifted include a pack of mentos, my first rubik’s cube, a whole pack of marvel cards. During my klepto years (10-12) I was especially fond of marvel cards, and I am not ashamed to say that I completed stolen series II and III marvel cards.

3. When I was in 6th grade, I bit a cockroach. It was in a pack of chips and it was rock solid. I was watching TV when I felt something oddly crunchy in my mouth …but I also found it too thick to munch. When I looked at my hand I saw the body of the cockroach. I had apparently bitten off its head. I threw the roach spat the ones inside my mouth, brushed my teeth, drank yakult and milk. I had never bought that brand of chips again!

4. Most of you know that I had a relationship for five years (I was 15-20) and we broke up after I found her with another guy in Mcdonald’s sharing a McFlurry. I never spoke to her since and I immediately went to the US. She got married last june, and has had a one-year old son with the guy. We still haven’t formally split up.

5. I was punched only once in my entire school life. A bully approached me and asked me if he could punch me. To which I said sarcastically, ‘sure.’ It was over before I could talk. Apparently bullies are not aware of sarcasm… if you say ‘sure’ they automatically take it as an approval. Rhey laughed hysterically when I told her this.

6. I know how to make bubbles with my saliva. Before I could even release salive-bubbles like a choo choo train!

7. I played Potiphar in Joseph the Dreamer when I was 18. I had to wear skimpy clothing in order to look like the Pharoah. I was so concious… when the curtain raised and the people started laughing I thought it was because they could see through the skirt.

8. I once fell from the stairs (I was 9.)It was about 8 feet high. I fell head first and blood splattered all around. There was alot of people so I felt embarrassed to cry. After 10 seconds though I couldn’t resist the pain and finally started crying. My tita thought it was a delayed reaction and that something must’ve been wrong with my head… boy, was she right!

Got this meme from Dieselfire


  1. Really?, Cool!, Yuck!, Bongga! Ouch!, Hmmmm…, Araaay! (That’s in order from numbers 1-8).

    But you can interchange them if you want to. Applicable naman divash?

  2. yak. ipis. yak. sabay yakultagad noh hahaha

    sarap ata sumuntok ng bully wahahahaha….

    namiss ko na din magpalobo ng laway..hehehehe…buti ka pa nagagawa mo ung mala choo choo train ako nde, nahirapan pa nga ako dati sa isa lang eh!

  3. could you give step-by-step instructions on how to blow saliva bubbles? marunong yung friend kong girl pero di nya ma-explain pano.

  4. soooobbbrraaaangg parehas tayo sa #1.

    ipis: omg! baka nagpa transplant ako ng dila kung sakin nangyari yun. ew.

    bully: what a polite bully. haha!

  5. Haha! My brother and I used to do that, blowing saliva bubbles. We looked like a total nut case. Good one, Paolo!

    @ami: I’m guessing the saliva should have a thick consistency in order to do that. Paolo will give you the details.

  6. i can make bubbles from my saliva too.
    and i ate a fly i got from this puto while reading r.l. stines’ Goosebumps.
    the book was damn good i almost finish eating the fly without noticing it.
    it’s good that i’m not the only one!
    don’t know which is gross though, langaw o yung nakagat mong ipis.

  7. what brand of chips had the free roach?

    parang mentos nga ba talaga? crunchy on the outside chewy on the inside? 😛 Eww …

  8. what is the brand of the chips? well para makagawa na tayo ng chainmail at matapatan ang HIV-positive-infested-gravy ng KFC at daga-filled zesto! haha

    kaloka ang punching galore… gosh hindi pa ako nasusuntok ng kahit na sino well except my brother during our sibling wars! ngar!!

  9. nobody can pull off the ‘interesting-facts-about-me’ type of posts as much as u can.

    para kang character sa isang sitcom.

  10. I have balance, so I never learned to ride a bike and whistling was a past time I never got to learn from my dad.

    We all have that klepto moments when we were teenagers and wanted something we can’t have. I won’t tell you my story, it’s too weird to think about. haha!

    I almost threw up.. You actually got a chance to chew the head…*shivers*

    Marriage due to pregnancy probably. Way to screw up their lives.

    Man, I gotta learn that choo choo saliva bubble train!

    I’ve acted on a play only once in my life, and it was during the 6th grade. Thank Goodness I never needed to wear a skirt. Haha!

    Finally! An explanation to everything! Haha!

  11. Eww! Cockroach? I can touch them as long as they are groggy so that I can throw them but to eat them?! Haha! Freaky..

    Hindi rin ako marunong lumangoy at sumipol. Kawawa naman tayo.

  12. I don’t know how to ride a bike and swim too haha xD

    …which is one of the things that were probably deprived from me during my childhood.

  13. Lol, I remember something similar happening to me sa bully. A guy asked if he could punch me, malambot kasi, tas the other guys watched. Kala ko, isang suntok lang, yun pala kailangan niya ng bwelyo, so he started punching and punching tas di cia nakapigil O_O the next day, may hematoma ako the size of a fist sa arm ko.

  14. OMG! Well I am not really good at biking as well until recently.

    And also around the age of 8 or something like that I also fell and had some sort of head injury that earned me around 3 stitches and a scar that isnt really visible but sometimes I felt pain from time to time. Trauma as doctors told me.

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