WARNING! All the tips mentioned below are based on Paolo’s own blogging style. If at any point you think that my tips aren’t in accordance with what the experts say, please disregard the expert ..they are flawed.

In the essence of making-minions-who-blog-like-me, here are tips:

1. Keep your narratives short
Your readers dont like novels. If they did, they’d probably just buy one. If you wont be able to read a lengthy post, there’s no reason for you to write one. Keep it brief and concise.

2. Bullets

  • Bullets make your posts easy to understand.
  • Use it often
  • But do not exaggerate
  • Your readers might get pissed.

3. The title says it all

Regular readers who are more interested with your content may not take your title to importance, but to the passer-by it makes all the difference. This calls for your title to be eye-catching, note-worthy and sometimes even mentally disturbing (the ones that put random images in your head)

4. Separate yourself from the crowd
To gain readership, you must learn to blog about what interests people. But you shouldn’t forget that that’s exactly what the newspapers and tabloids are doing (and tabloids in the Philippines are as much a source of the news as the broadsheets).

5. You should’ve listened to your teacher when she taught figures of speech.
A simile is like a metaphor. That’s a pun. Get it? Wise usage of words make your posts notable because it allows your readers to interpret what you say relative to how they feel. Though it may not be how you intended it to be, the readers’ interpretations allow them to connect to your article.

6. Throw all the clutter away
Unless you wanna drive the focus of your readers away from your articles, you should try to keep your site clutter-free. Try to present uniformity even in your decorations, videos or images. If you cant ..well ..just keep it organized.

7. Connect to your readers/fellow bloggers

  • Bloglines or Google Reader allow you to see your fellow bloggers latest posts.
  • With tagboards people can drop lines like “link ex” or “blog hop.”
  • Google ads could generate income to your blog.
  • MyBloglog allow you to scour the pinoy blogosphere.
  • Technorati is a misnomer, I only use it to follow who’s linked to my blog.

8. Edit

I find myself editing blogs that I’ve written even weeks ago. Editing is a good thing specially with blogging because it stays in the web. Those that you wrote years ago can still come up in some dudes computer.

9. Photos, Videos, Podcasts
I try to have at least one image every post either for break points or visual aid. Some of my captioned photos have become the article themselves. For videos I have at least one per week, all musically inclined. I used to podcast.. and that’s a bittersweet memory I’m trying to undo.

10. Expect haters
You cannot please everybody ..shet! cliche! But it definitely applies. The best way to approach haters is to kill them. But I only advise it if you’re not gonna get caught. Otherwise, silence makes them the lowlife.

End notes:
To those expecting tips on how to get more readers that’ll eventually lead to ad clicks for your blog to earn, I got this to say – readers come first, not ads. dont expect humans to read your posts if they’re made for robots.

20 thoughts on “BLOGGING TIPS

  1. “no. 8”
    that explains why your old posts were popping on my bloglines 🙂 but i read them anyway ‘coz they’re interesting….

    “no. 10”
    got a few, usually i bitch back to my satisfaction :p

  2. Ahahaha. Tama. Pero hindi ako mgaling na blogger. In fact my blog has tons of grammatical and typographical errors. This is usually because I type first before thinking and then I do not care to proof read it afterwards.

  3. I couldnt’ do much about my webpage blogs since I make them in iWeb. The program is not html-tampering friendly, only it makes your page beutiful. But I think I should take your advise on connecting my blogpost site to blog portals with tags and all that jazz.

    Thanks man.

  4. interesting tips. although personally i blog because i want to, not to gain the million bazillion readers everyone seems to want.. 😛 hehe. =)

    @#10: why would anybody in their right mind wanna hate a blogger?

  5. @nooritan
    i also wanna bitch out on my biters, but i dont write coz its like promoting them. so i just backstab them with my online friends.

    grammar is not so important for as long as you get the message across. medyo adik lang ako.

    yep. no blog is an island. sayang naman ang online proliferation kung walang magbabasa 🙂

    kamusta na si lei at kubi? (at eric)

    for me ..the blog readership aren’t people who’d sit down while drinking coffee. usually they’re ones who’d sneak time in their hands. it’d be good to consider the time they have for your blog by not taking too much of it.

    tenks tenks.

    i also have another blog that nobody reads. as blogging is personal, it serves your purpose.

    haters are existent because when God created man, the devil created them. mwahahaha

    tenks tenks.

  6. ooh…
    im learning soo muchhh…


    this is actually a song…
    but anyhoow, you know me, im a non conformist… that makes me cool right? lol…

    karir? karir!

  7. Honestly I dont use bloglines or google reader since I usually just surf around and check the blogs that I bookmarked if they have updates or not. But I think I should use bloglines more often then.

  8. great tips, i’ve told my cousin to check out your tips because he’s just starting a blog of his own too.

  9. another useful tip,

    Make tips on blogging. They generate super daming comments.

    but in your case, this shouldn’t be a problem. your blog’s hot.

    i am so kissing your ass.

  10. thank you sa tips!!!! ahahahhaha!!! coolness! pero i really like writing novel like entries. bakit ba. eh gusto ko eh.

    no. 10 -> enemies? dami me niyan. gust mo pasa ko saiyo?

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