When Ateneo graduate student, blogger and Young Blood contributor, Frances Paola G. Doplon, quoted my Ateneo-La Salle top 5′s the other day for a pre-ateneo-lasalle UAAP article, I found it appalling that LaSallians (2 of them) came up to her and told her that LaSalle would win it. Apparently, civility was not included in the Lasallian 5 C’s – Christian, Committed, Confident, Competent, Concerned – yes, they teach that in LaSalle.

So, in another sarcastic response, one that wouldn’t undermine my green blood, I commented that I’d be praying to St. Thomas Aquinas for Ateneo to win (pointing to the upset that happened last year with the heavily favored Ateneans losing to the UST growling tigers, a team that barely made it to the final four.)

Looks like La Salle will beat Ateneo in the UAAP, but I will pray to St. Thomas to help Ateneo like he did to UST last year
– Paolo Mendoza 1981-present

I claim this because unlike the LaSallians, the Ateneans dont have a Patron Saint (St. Ignatius??). That’s why they’ve never won a championship! Sure they have a plethora of statues in their campus and minions of saints to bear upon, but not one from whom they could ask for a basketball miracle which, as most experts agree, they needed.

Good thing the Heavenlies heard my cry (yes, people, it was because of me!). If we were to tread down memory lane, we know that the Heavenlies dont like pride. It was for this reason that Babylon fell, Nietzsche became mad, the Titanic sank, why Ateneo lost last year and why some weird, holy, glorious Ateneo-fan-club was formed up in the sky yesterday to strike down on those green archers.

Game Summary: Chris Tiu made a three in the last 21 seconds that led Ateneo to win it 80-77 in overtime.

End notes:
Check out Piranha23′s game photos, Inboundpass and for stories and more images.


  1. hey joyfulchicken, somebody just msg’d me asking if i knew you and if you were cute. lolz! and i’m snitching someone for calling chickens cowards.

    why are ateneo-lasalle games always thrilling? 😛

  2. They are thrilling because there is the distinct pleasure in beating the other.

    Yeah, an atenean friend went out of his way to text me yesterday that they won. So being a good la sallite, I said congratulations and for him to bring that feeling for the rest of the season, as it will be the last one they will win! Hehehehe. Kidding!

    I believe that Ateneo’s patron saint is St. Ignatius de Loyola.

  3. Ateneo pala nanalo..hehe! good for them..

    astig talaga manood ng games between la salle and ateneo..kahit hindi ka related sa school nila.

  4. @virus & frances
    it was an atenean who told me St. Ignatius wasn’t (that he was just one of them or they would be called Ignatians).. but if you say he is, i have no reason to contest. 😉

    we should have a battle of the saints one of these days

  5. Yes, they are part of the Society of Jesus that St. Ignatius founded. So I would assume that all those saints who are part of this society are Jesuits.

    I can bet you that St. La Salle can whoop St. Ignatius’ ass anytime!

    Hahahahaha! O dali, tig lilimang daan!

  6. Hahaha! Battle of the saints? I can imagine saints na nag-aaway. Nako, ayaw ni God niyan!

    Pero kung friendly baskeball game kaya? Hahaha!

  7. @virus: If they were to fight, my money would be on Ignacius. He was a tough army guy, and the Jesuits aren’t called “Soldiers of the Pope” for nothing >:)

    @paolo: Of course I’m cute 😛

  8. @virus, joyfulchicken & frances
    looks like the Battle of the Saints have begun?

    my bet is on St. Lasalle coz he doesn’t dress like a friar. want proof?

  9. Yeah, but the Christian Brothers are more or less aligned with the Opus Dei, the so called assassins. Hahahaha! Just kidding.

    This is going no where. Basta may sabungan kayo sa katipunan.

    JoyfulChicken, am just kidding okay? 🙂

  10. Yeah, His full name is St Ignatius of Loyola. That’s why Ateneo is officially part of “Loyola Schools” and thats why there’s Loyola Heights right beside Ateneo. Hehe.

    Actually, Inaangkin rin namin si St Francis Xavier, and a whole dozen other Jesuit Saints.

    Oh yeah, did I mention that we OWN Mama Mary? (Did you hear the announcer shouting about the “Hail Mary Squad”. Ha! That’s us! 😛 Our Alma Mater Song is also called Song for Mary 😛 Hehehe.

    And St. Ignatius would totally beat St La Salle! He’s got a silver sword!!! (Which was stolen off his statue some years ago, that’s why the new one is wired to his hands. :))

  11. Don’t know what’s happening anymore! I don’t get to watch TV anymore! 🙁

    But I heard La Salle was questioning Ateneo on their players or something. It could be the other way around cause, I’m not really sure anymore!

  12. chris tiu is overstaying in ateneo’s team.. i mean, he was already there when i was a froshie.. when i was in high school!

    next time we meet the eagles, we’ll bring a lot of arrows to shoot down those blue birds! Bwahahaha!

  13. this morning i heard from the grapevine that the DLSU players had their heads shaved (nagpakalbo), in protest of Thursday’s games. how true?

  14. wahahaha. All I can say is that Ateneo was inspired by the win of Letran against the pack leader San Beda the day before, winnning by 1 point in the last seconds of the game.

  15. i heard in the news a while ago that DLSU actually filed a petition of some sort questioning 2 import players of Ateneo from playing.

    tsk, tsk, talk about sour-graping.

    btw, i find this post really hilarious! ^__^

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