As a sociologist in my past life – Sir Francis Ricaforte – I have learned that ethnicity plays a huge role in determining ones reaction towards arguments. The Philippines, having been colonized by 4 countries (China, inadmittedly) is inhabited with various specimen that proves this study worthwhile.

Here is a look at how ethnicity influences arguments:

Diplomacy is the weapon of the filipino-american. For someone who considers himself a first world citizen, he also considers you as a primate. Therefore, he will try to understand you as much as he can. He will listen to your argument and will look at it relative to his own opinion. He will try to reach a compromise and hope that everyone wears a smile in the end.

But this trait also proves the filipino-american’s cunning, because a first world citizen never accepts defeat. It is behind his classy charm, engaging wit and straight nose that he plots to bomb you with a barrage of fallacies – even if he doesn’t have proof or reason. He after all is the master of conspiracies; if he cannot find a way to win, he will make a way to win.

The hispanic is all about protecting his image. To him one more friend is one less enemy. He will therefore try to kiss your ass and may sometimes even opt to take your side. He is living proof of the saying “If you cant beat them, join them.” And why not, when you are hot you have every reason to be stupid.

The hispanic-filipino is gullible, for they had once been spoiled by the world. They had been so used to being spoon fed that they cannot depend on themselves. Give them a glass of poison and they will drink it. Smile to them and speak in eloquence and they will think you’re right.


Unless you’ve gone to HongKong more than he has, the filipino-chinese will not argue with you. Instead, he will raise his brow, look at you from head to toe and then wisp his eyes toward something else saying “I am rich and conio, why do I have to stoop down to your level?” This should not surprise you, for his genes is a product of shame-based culture.

Ah! But there’s a catch. Prod this bitch a little longer and you will awaken the kung-fu master within. And when you do, he will start talking in slews of grammatically incorrect aphorisms that will remind you of Confucius. Be wary of the Filipino-chinese-in-kung-fu-master-mode.. he can kill you in a blink.

Purong Pinoy
The pure filipino is innately pikon. He will argue with a whole bunch of words that will take things off-topic and on to your fists. Even if he resorts to wit, you will still feel the frustrated vibe. He will call you names and a whole barrage of insults but he will not explain his opinion, nor will he respect yours.

Testosterone is his defence mechanism. This coupled with an adrenalin rush proves to be futile. He will talk faster than he will think without considering what is right; for he thinks he is right. He may smile in front of you but behind your back, he is building a Katipunan.

He allows the bitterness to implode within him until he is ready. At the right time, the filipino shall charge you with an unexpected onslaught. He does not have to plan it out, he just has to kill you – a dog-eat-dog type of attack. Even drunken kanto arguments have led to stabbing due to this genetic trait; epitomizing the line ang mamatay ng dahil sa’yo (I die because of you)


“Evil geniuses dont have to explain themselves;
they only have to be figured out.”
Paolo Mendoza, 1981-present

End notes:
This post is dedicated to a dude who has been backstabbed and to those who judge me for what they read.


  1. That quote, it reminds me of an old LJ entry: “People do not understand me because I refuse to be understood.”

  2. Interesting case study! Nakaka-relate ang lahat ng examples mo coz I’ve encountered all of them in already…astig! Pero if you ask me…I’m a bit of everything here kung mag-argue…mejo diplomatic, not too conio, sometimes gullible…(sadly) at xempre pikon pag galet na…

  3. LOL. How true. Especially sa pinoy. Hahaha. Long live the crabs.

    Oo nga, coniong uto-uto nga ang mga hispanic-fil

  4. I am a hispanic-fil but i am not like that but I dont know about the other. Though some pointers you gave about fil-ams, fil-chi and pure pinoy are somewhat true.

  5. scary ang mga Chinese-Filipino, I swear, it’s like they know some universal secret that you don’t, or something like that…

  6. the fifth is the combination of those pinoy ethnicity…i encounter a kissing ass yet pure pinoy…back stabber. nakakaasar, pagpinatulan mo naman para ka lang bumaba sa level niya, wala na ngang pinag-aralan pinakikita pa nya pagiging barbaric nla.

  7. im proud to be purong pinoy..


    pero hindi ako yung masang purong pinoy kagaya nung nabanggit mo…

    ako yung prinsesang purong pinoy. haha..

  8. seriously, i do not know which of the which i am. my dad is fil chi… my mom is fil span… so im just mixed nuts…


  9. Nice way of delivering your point of view. i beg to disagree though, since not all people fit into those categories you mentioned. I’m a filipino-chinese bitch who will start a fight if I have to just to defend myself. other than that (I do so in style and in correct grammar *wink), I really don’t care what others would do. well you may be right about Hong Kong… I’ve been there for the nth time.

  10. @skye
    dont limit yourself to just your ethnicity. who knows, maybe you got the other genes. after all, its whats on your birth certificate that creates your citizenship.. not your blood (so it’s either fil or chi, and not fil-chi) unless you’re a dual citizen of course, which makes you a half breed. lolz!

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