I had once said that I fear growing old; not because I want to live lengthily, but rather because I may have lived it too short. People’s wish lists are so ideal – they want to sky dive, bunjee jump, scuba, learn photography, make music etc. – these are often just results of trying to sound cool for their friendster profiles; but at what point will one consider himself fulfilled?

Truth is, man has to learn to be content to be fulfilled. It is only when he has been freed of regret that he may welcome death with open arms. As for me, I would rather die young than grow old. I would rather be dead than senile. But then again, I would also rather be dead than watch Wowowee. So you can say I’d just rather be dead.

No, this is not a suicide note. If I were to commit suicide I swear I would be taking more with me… I am drastic like this. I was only making the point that being old may be worse than death.

But then, does man really grow old? Maybe. I had never seen myself to be 25. Now I do not see myself to be 26. If I live to be 30, I shall consider it a success. But while I live, I would like to make the most out of it. I shall consider myself old when my body does not permit me anymore to do what it wants – The time when to dial the phone would take fifteen minutes, when I start pooping on my pants again, when my younglings begin to make decisions for me ..and I cant do anything about it. Blogging may prepare me for seniority; I can now be stuck in a room and keep myself productive. If I dont have a computer, I wish I will still have porn.

“Carpe diem!” they say, seize the day. Time is a passing, death is a coming, and you is a sleeping? shieeeet!

Maybe that’s why it was never my hobby to sleep. I already cut it from 6 to 4 hours so I could spend enough time blogging. Wanting to read that post that will make my day. That’s why I do not drown myself in drama, even if it seeps in my veins, I find it too unproductive to be melancholy. There is so much more to do than be self indulgent.

So yeah, I guess that’s what I’m trying to say. Do not hesitate… masturbate! Carpe diem!



  1. ud rather be dead than watch wowowee??? hahahaa hilarious… corny yung wowowee pero ok naman.. napatawa naman ako.. wahahahaha! 😛

  2. i’m with you on dying young than being worthless.

    but if i can live forever and still be at the top of the game, why not? 😀

  3. im afraid to die!ayokong mamatay agad kasi nga gusto ko magawa ko muna lahat ng gusto ko bago ako mamatay. if i die young, paano na mga pangarap ko? huhu

  4. Oo nga naman, time waster (or should I say, life waster) ang manood ng wowowee…agree ako! Carpe Diem, pero masarap pa rin sa ‘kin ang matulog..zzz….

  5. once, i was on a bus and forced to watch wowowee. it’s not as bad as you think…i hadn’t laughed that hard in ages 😀

    i’ve been realizing that too. it *is* a waste of time to be sad and depressed. must. wake. up.

  6. Buti na lng at hindi ako nanonood nyang WOWOWEE na yan. Even EAT BULAGA hindi ko din napapanood.

    When I was still young, i have this fear of dying. Now… meron pa din fear pero not that much anymore. I am not OLD pero when you mature, you will see life in a different perspective.

  7. this has got to be your most inspirational post ever in the history of this blog…

    especially the last line… do not hesitate, masturbate… it rhymes… therefore it matters…

  8. @prinsipe
    dont count on it. i’m lazy nowadays. how about this, if joyfulchicken finally puts up that link page, i’ll link everyone of the blogs that come across here.

    if you dare create that link page…

  9. Hay, I used to think that I want even go past the age of 20 (am a catch22 now)… I still believe that I won’t get old old… until perhaps I get a new lablayp and start becoming sappy, shitty hopeful, hahaha!

  10. My legal mind says: ” I concur, your Honor!” I really cannot imagine myself not being physically able to do the things I want. I’d rather be dead too. But even if do want to make the most of my time on earth, I still can’t help but indulge in the pleasures of sleep. Bad trip nga e. Sayang ang oras. Ano ba gamot sa antukin? 🙂

  11. Fuck, I don’t even watch TV.

    Seize the day. Make it happen. But in some occasions, you really need to be a bum.

    Haha! I’d rather sleep than be dead.

  12. You’re being morbid today. Ahaha. Let me quote my brother there: “Die young while beautiful.” He couldn’t have said it better.

  13. Hehe, napag-usapan na natin ito sa YM! Hehe!

    Lalong ayokong tumanda dahil nakikita ko yung lolo ko na may Parkinson’s Disease.

    Parang ayoko na ring mabuhay kung wala naman akong gagawin kungdi umupo at tumulala. At magpahugas ng pwet.

  14. Haha, I didn’t know people call them Boknat! 🙂 I too fear of getting old, that’s why I wanted to be a vampire when I was a teenager and be young forever. hahaha.

  15. …gettin old? every time we celebrate our birthday must be an accomplishment…pero i agree mas masaya maging bata or maybe die young…or grow old feling young…wenk wenk…tignan mo si kurt kobain ng nirvana…

  16. I don’t want to die of old age. That would be scary. Gusto ko uber good looking pa rin ako when I die. Hehe.

    But yeah, I want to accomplish everything before I die. I just hope it won’t take me that long for me to finish everything.

  17. ouch! that ideal wish list exactly sounds like my 101 wishes. in truth, i am a bit offended because of the ‘trying to sound cool for their.. profiles’ part. it would be pa-cool if a person claims to be doing these activities when in fact that person is not. but i think a simple statement of a wish, no matter how ideal or seemingly unreachable it is, should not be taken as such.

    Mine was more of a desire to have a hand at anything and everything the world has to offer. because how can one be freed from regret if he/she has not strived – or even tried – for what he/she wished for? there are certain joys derived from experiencing these things even just once in one’s life: the thrill, the making of your personal history, etc. etc. But i will not die unfulfilled if I do not fulfill my wish of sky diving. Most wishes are just the icing on a cake – it makes it beautiful, but its not essential.

    So what I’m saying (before I turn this into a full-blown entry!) is I do agree with you on the Carpe Diem thing, pero to each his own! Kanya-kanyang wishes lang to! =D

  18. @tami
    1. it was not about you. it is very common to find these things…
    2. everything was hypothetical.
    3. it was meant for the person who writes for the sake of sounding cool

  19. i want to bungee.
    but ive never been.
    so many things…

    i also want a screwdriver.

    but i want to die. tomorrow. today. later. in my sleep. lol

    instead of living a long life and accomplishing nothing… atleast now, i finally got that video done. lol

  20. Wowowee…sinong di mawiwili…hahaha…Come on, you must have watched a whole Wowowee episode even once? Haha. Wowowee is sometimes hypnotic. 😛

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