Not since I turned 13 had I felt good about celebrating my birthday. I always feared getting old. To me the passing of life also meant approaching death. This morbid approach towards birthdays made quite a bit of a pitstop today when I was greeted by a good number of people. (more than usual). It was, however, not my birthday.

It began with my comment in the blog of Q the Quixotic Conqueror. His story of birthday related incidents sent LSS’s to my brain – “it’s my birthday and I’d cry if I want to..” – he thought it was my birthday.

I always knew students of Ateneo were advanced. So when Q greeted me ‘happy birthday’ and spoke of taking it from my blog’s subliminal messages, I was amazed.

“What an abstract mind Q has,” I told myself in him connecting a post about pooping in public toilets to a birthday. I, who had by then questioned my own smarts for not getting these “subliminal messages,” blurred the situation more by replying “I wonder how many more people would greet me..”

And oh did people greet me.


End notes:
In the name of all cute things that can only happen to me, July 11 will officially be my fake birthday!


  1. kakainis ka. hahahahaha. 😛 Popost ba naman ng “its my birthday and I’ll cry if I want to.” Akala ko talaga bday mo.

  2. july 11 is now your official Fake Birthdate!

    so let me guess, are we now proclaiming “Q the Conqueror” as our “_(i can’t think of a right word)_”??

    i’m sooo envied of you, paolo.

    i also want to know when is my fake birthdate, so i can plan ahead for not celebrating it. 🙁

  3. Ahahaha! I thought I was the only freak with 2 birthdays.

    Honestly, I have one in late January and one in September. Someone at work thought that it was my birthday and I never corrected her… Ever since, for the last 5 years now, I’ve had 2 birthdays. Like I’m living 2 lives, each with a different set of people.

    Eh, more gifts. More parties. More fun. More booze. 😉

  4. @q the conqueror
    lolz. pero at least now i have one more thing to look forward to and not just an anticlimactic birthday celebration.

    hindi ko talaga alam kung pano na-relate ni Q…

    for you to know when your fake birthday is, first you’ll have to totally reveal yourself. then you’ll have to have a blog so people can check for subliminal messages.

    reason to drink is reason enough! inom!!!

  5. i thought it was funny! coz, i didn’t get the “subliminal message”.

    i just thought other people knew something about you that i didn’t 😛

    anyway belated fake birthday! he he … 😀

  6. having one birthday is bad enough; having two is horrible. i used to wish that i’d die after my graduation from the university because I thought turning 20 was the worse that coudl ever happen to any person. well, apparently, i was proven wrong. happy fake birthday!

  7. Siguro nga mas advanced ang mga atenista because I didn’t get that subliminal message of your fake birthday in the previous post.

    People have mistaken my birthday to a couple of times, but the dates never really stick. So I’m stuck with one measly birth date… 🙁

    Oh well… Belated Happy Fake Birthday!

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