“Hear that, fanboys and fangirls?
Harry Potter is dead!
Dead dead dead dead dead!
Oh, how tragic! Now cry, damn it, cry!”


In the last movie, The Order of the Phoenix, Professor Snape taught Harry Potter how to read minds for the reason that Voldemort was invading his. Harry learned the spell, thereby knocking Voldemort out of it. However, in the process of this mind blocking technique, Harry also learned to see what went on inside other people’s heads.

In one particular instance, Harry saw the prejudice suffered by Professor Snape at his father’s hands. The senior Potter was apparently an asshole in his teens, and Snape was a loser (that’s it! now I like him!). This was just the beginning. Days after his confrontation with Voldemort, Harry began to see things that were more graphic. These images proved too much for Harry, and he committed suicide.

Below are some of the less pornographic ones…

28 thoughts on “HARRY POTTER IS DEAD


    dead na si harry potter!

    at wala ng harry potter 8 (diba hanggang 7 lang?)


  2. umbridge and harry….eewwwww. hehehhee. i’d rather watch barney than seeing umbridge and harry @&#^*@^. hahaha

  3. Hahahaha! Effing awesome captions!!!

    I am with you with the Snape thing! James Potter was an asshole! i can’t believe everyone admired him!

  4. Yup, James was an asshole, but only to Snapes it seems… The book got it wrong though, there was no way Harry could’ve used Legilimens on Snapes.

    In the book, Harry chanced upon Snapes pensieve, and saw his earlier memories with James.

    Snapes was assigned to teach Occlumency to Harry not because they’re friends, but he’s good at it. And Harry can’t use it to save his own life. And this how Harry Potter died.

    That’s my version and I’m sticking to it. Although, I have a different version here, though this one assumes a movie 7.

  5. @caranijuan
    Umbridge annoyed me..

    i think he’s gonna die soon

    @batang yagit
    it’s hot! :p

    i’m sorry for making the chicken remark.. i have to be more sensitive to your kind. :p

    i liked him too. until i saw his butt.

    i would imagine being hated by muggles after this. lolz!

    dont worry, what i said only took about 30 seconds.

    after Harry shouted at Dumbledore i knew he wasn’t becoming like Voldemort. He was becoming like his dad.

    those are the more graphic pictures i’m talking about. lolz! :p

    for as long as Harry’s dead..

    there’s alot more to expect 😀

  6. The philosophical bastard is at it again! Galing, ikaw na dapat ang sumunod kay Carlo Vergara sa paggawa ng comics version ng HP for Harry Potter (not Hewlett-Packard)!

    I got a downloaded version of the 7th book though. Ang tyaga nung nag-upload – took pic of each page, scanned and uploaded all! Winner!

  7. ahuhuhu..

    pinagluluksa ko ang nalalapit na kamatayan ni harry potter..

    mga POTTER FANS… punta tayo ng EDSA at magdala ng itim na kumot parang cloak lang at mga banderitas na itim at mga confetti na itim…

    tatalunin natin ang libing ni ninoy at julie vega…


    waaaah! harrryyy bakiiittt mooo akkoooo iniiiwaaan! waaah… nangakooo ka diiii baaaa??? *sniff*

    wait nakakaintindi ba siya ng tagalog? tsk tsk.

  8. I really hate cho chang. She seems to be the wrong representation of the real cho chang. Coz in the book cho chang was described as very beautiful but my god why are they casting someone who looks soooo retardate!

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