Several peepz liked my previous on the UAAP so it’s gonna be a series. Catch updates every week beginning Sunday. Also, check out since they got the lowdown on the throwdown.

As most of you know, the Ateneo-LaSalle UAAP match is the only way these two schools gain bragging rights. Which they both didn’t have last year.

I could imagine Ateneo having been bugged all year with the line “Tinalo kayo ng UST?!?” referring to the disheartening loss they got from the underdog team last season. This is, of course, an understatement to DLSU who wad banned in season 69 due to cheating (or whatever technical term they use in place for that word)

So yeah.. DLSU returns fresh from the annals of fraud in order to take back what was previously not rightfully theirs. This time, all documents had been checked and the officials are certain there is no more holding back Ty Tang from showing the nation who’s the best chinese guy on the floor. That other Chinese guy is, of course, Ateneo’s Chris Tiu – the captain! Wasn’t last year supposed to be his last year ? (get it, it’s a pun)

End notes:
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  1. HEY! Don’t be mean to Chris. 😡 😡 :x. Naalala ko tuloy yung interview ng mga La Salle players nung HS pa ako.

    Tanong ni Boy Abunda: Whats your course?
    DLSU 1: “Pare, ano nga ulit yung pangalan ng course natin…”
    DLSU 2: “Uhhh…”

    It was Translation Studies, or something like that. Niyahahaha.

  2. wow.
    talaga lasalle cheated? what did they do? …

    anyway, i really dont care. :p

    no matter what pao says, i think this year is adu’s year… hahahahaha
    in my dreams!

  3. @lei
    that’s why there’s a need for eskinol!

    are trying to say that Chris Tiu is gay?

    malay mo naman, makachamba uli kayo!

    well what do you expect?

    i’m sure they dont consider it cheating. they used stuff like undisclosed facts or something.

    well, everybody plays role in the evolution. maybe someday…

  4. Pangit lineups namin so I think we don’t stand a chance talaga…hehe

    About Lasalle, sabi ng cousins ko (na taga-Lasalle) nag-cheat nga sila. Nagpasok kasi ata sila ng player/s na may issues…Oh well who cares 😛

  5. wow, nice enters though. i like your views abt the coming season of uaap. i’m actually waiting for the battle of admu and ls since ls were not present in previous season.

    btw i like yer spoofs abt the most viewed sites over the www. astig! 😉

  6. Haha! The captions were hilarious.

    Pero too bad, I don’t follow UAAP basketball that much. Cos each time I watch a UP game, they always lose, especially the crucial ones where they have a slight chance of making it in the Final Four if they win.

  7. may cute na cheerleader sa ateneo. sa salinggawi ren meron pero overrated na sila. kaya sasakyan ko na ren ang ribalriyang walang katapusan. and since i’m seeing someone who is an atenean, feeling atenista muna ‘ko.

    mabuhay ang mga cute na cheerleaders. kayo ang tunay na essence ng uaap.

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