Here in the US, or at least where I live, man is the king of the road. If I cross the street and a huge bus charges on it, he will have to stop. If he kills me he will spend eleven years in prison.

This is not the case in the Philippines where, as I once had said, crossing the street means to rush for your dear life. Pinoys are geared to accept that the road is made for vehicles and not for man, even if it were made for man.

The jeep is the most notorious of these vehicles. Scarily dressed up with all those banderitas, stickers and shiny steel add-ons, the jeep makes ‘Pimp My Car’ look like a show for Hyundai’s. They even have sound effects to call their audience. We have accepted him as a cultural icon. This is stupid because a bus will carry 5 times as much and only take up thrice as much space. Where’s Optimus Prime when you need him?

Riding the jeep is an adventure in itself. You can read Gagopolis’ article on this.. he’s already said it all. The truth behind all this is because the jeep is an entrepreneurial venture of the driver, he manages it the way he thinks is right. Unlike buses which is usually a corporate investment, the jeep is much harder to regulate. And yet they flourish all over the metropolis.

This is why honking seems to be a way of life in the city (as is the non-acceptance of traffic regulations). The moment the light turns green, one by one the cars begin hitting their horns a domino effect. They wont necessarily have to advance five meters, they’d just have to press it. If you did that here, you’d be dead.

Now let’s talk death; instances where a vehicle would deliberately run over someone they’ve already ran over in order to make sure they weren’t breathing. Yes, jeepney drivers have such dark humor. They do it because the cost of sending someone to the hospital is far greater than sending them to the morgue. And the complication of all the legalities makes it such a hassle to get someone to jail.

Not to say lawmakers should just adopt that 11-year jail time for anyone guilty of killing someone with his/her car, if they did then every sideswipe incident would just be a hit-and-run.

20 thoughts on “MAN VS JEEP

  1. paolooooooo meron nang pumalit sa mga jeep! yun ay ang mga motorsiklo.

    ilang beses na ako muntikang mahagip ng mga motor na yan!

    naka-stop na ang mga sasakyan, ready na ako tumawid— peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!!

    tang ina mo manong tumagilid sana motor mo !!! wala ka pang helmet!!!

  2. well killer jeep talaga ang mga yan…

    pero walang tatalo sa mga killer bus ng EDSA… maaari kang mamatay in three ways:

    1. ma-hit-and-run
    2. maaksidente dahil humaharurot talaga ang mga lintek! pero adrenaline rush iyon ha!
    3. masabugan ng bomba dahil sila laging target ng mga bandido sa metro.

  3. I believe buses are more prone to commit euthanasia than jeeps. But yeah … there are many instances of jeepney related accidents also.

  4. LOL @ kalansaycollector!

    Hmmm. Let’s see. Well, we have to face the reality that jeepney is an icon of our country. And it’s more appropriate for short distances.

  5. the problem is, the motorists in the philippines lacks discipline. they need a “kamay na bakal” just to discipline them.

  6. One thing I learned from living in Manila was to cross the street from virtually anywhere (except the highways.)

    I would quickly spread and raise my hand up to those speeding goddang vehicles and tell them why a pedestrian lane is called a pedestrian lane.

    Dito sa Hong Kong, ang driver ang hari ng daan. Kahit sa mga maliliit na kalyeng iisa lang ang pwedeng dumaan, haharurot ang mga sasakyan at talagang titigil ang mga tao hanggang wala ng kotse silang makikita.

    Ginamit ko ang Manila-learned practice na yan and it sure does work here.

    You have to tell them who’s boss.
    (sorry ang daldal ko.)

  7. I wonder why those double decker buses never caught on to the rest of the world. Is it the height? Whatever.

    I hate riding jeepneys, especially in the metro at night. Feeling kasi nila nagauaudition sila for the fast and the furious: Manila Mayhem! Haha!

  8. ang ayoko lang sa jeepney, ang driver…never sila mabait…minsan masungit, minsan bastos..ok di lahat ng driver..karamihan lang…pero Id still prefer da jeep over the city bus dito sa abroad…

  9. What worse than a notorius honking jeep which is hell bent on making a suprise sex with you.

    Drivers with dirty hands.

  10. It’s really true how huge the difference of drivers in America and in Manila.. most people that drive here in US is not willing to drive in Manila.. kakatakot.. patayan kung patayan.. banggaan kung banggaan..

  11. @everyone
    well.. buses and motorcycles are another story, but relatively the same when it comes to notriety. ahehe

  12. Ang gusto ko lang na mga jeep e yung mga “patok” yung mga humaharurot sa highway with matching stereo na hayop ang bass! Hehe!

  13. paolo >> i couldn’t agree more. 🙂

    now, it makes me wonder how can you keenly describe these “jeepney kings” of the Philippine roads today, despite the fact that you’ve been living out of the country for years.

    la >> signs say “Bawal Tumawid Nakamamatay”;

    but pinoys are perhaps innately BRAVE. hindi basta-basta natatakot sa mga ganyang babala at nagsisitawiran pa rin.

    malay ko ba … baka naman, pinoy are just adventuresome 🙂

  14. pag nagc-cross ako ng street e medyo cowboy cowboy ang approach ko. wala nang pakealamanan. cross nalang. feeling invincible. i’m waiting to get hit 😀

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