Because I am now “the” Machiavellian Prince, I would like to share with you some pesky, evil points that you may ponder on in times of need. These axioms may not relate to you directly today but as time passes, you may feel the need of its guidance. Surely, I am a rightful giver of advices especially for those who would want to see things from a different perspective.

1. Huwag lumaban ng patas. Tanga ang hindi nandadaya!
Stupid is the man who does not cheat

2. Sabihin lamang ang nararapat. Higit dito’y maaaring makasama lamang.
Say only what is necessary; any more may be harmful.

3. Mas madaling mag-sinungaling kung ito’y itatago sa katotohanan.
The best lie is that which is hidden in truth

4. Ingatan ang iyong pangalan, lalo kung ikaw ay pangit.
If you’re ugly, be sure to have a good reputation.

5. Isipin ang tama para sa sarili bago ang sa nakararami.
Think first of oneself before others.

6. Ang katahimikan, pag ginamit ng tama, ay nakakabingi
Silence, when used properly, can be deafening

7. Huwag salungatin ang agos; ika’y malulunod
Do not go against the tide; you’ll drown

8. Ang tigreng papel – nananakot lamang, hindi nangangagat
The paper tiger is scary, but it does not bite

9. Ang tamang paghihiganti ay hindi minamadali
Vengeance should never be rushed

10. Mas mahirap kalaban ang malas.
Bad luck is a harder enemy

End notes:
Somehow it sounds smarter in tagalog. πŸ˜›

22 thoughts on “MINIONS OF ME

  1. “The paper tiger is scary, but it does not bite”

    Maybe that’s why I was never fond of paper dolls (?)…I think it depends on how I see it…the rule book dosen’t always follow…

  2. What? Who died and made you the Machiavellian Prince?

    “The Machiavellian Proverbs” does sound like a good title for your next book though.

  3. @saturn
    true, it is subject to your own interpretation. i for one had been bitten by paper tiger.. i called a papercut. πŸ˜›

    A guy named Machiavelli died in the ancient century.. he made me the prince last night in a dream.

    That and the fact that I wanted the site to sound smarter. πŸ˜›

  4. Devious maxims

    Don’t get mad. Get even.

    If I’m not happy, nobody should be happy.

    If it won’t be mine, no one can own it.

    If I don’t like what you tell me, you’re definitely insecure.

    Me first, before anybody else.

    I’m right! I’m always right.

  5. hahaha.
    you are such an ass… I dont know why, i just wanted to call you one… hahahah
    good list.

    ingatan ang pangalan, lalo na kung ikaw ay pangit…

    i guess i have to start being nice now…

  6. Hmmm, I think I liked the old one better. But don’t get me wrong, I like machiavelli, have subscribed to one or two of his philosophies, but then again, the blood never justifies the mens oooops! sorry, mind in the gutter as usual! Hahahahaha!

  7. @virus
    lolz. that’s a different mens.. but like the mens, i wanna periodically affect my readers to spill out the bloody sarcastic articles that i have in store.

    PMS – paolo mendoza shit. πŸ˜›

  8. i like “vengeance should never be rushed.” nor should panggugulat. i heard about this guy who hid in the bathroom for an hour just to startle someone. the agonized shriek was well worth the wait.

  9. uhm sino ba si machiavelli? haha ang boba ko ba? haha… eh malay ko ba! kung Jolinian Prince ito o Floredelunian Prince baka mas magets ko pa.. haha

    *searching the net*

    ehem, niccolo machiavelli was an italian political philosopher and a playrwright. His best known work is the prince that tackles the art by which a prince can retain control of his realm.

    gets ko na! aha!

    anyway panalo ang mga proverbs. korek sa no. 1! haha… cheaters never win daw… paano matatalo ang isang mandaraya?!

  10. If you’re Machiavelli then that makes me Bonaparte… hmm that’s great, I’m always planning to rule the world.

  11. @agent grey
    we can share the world – you take north, i take south. wait.. isn’t there greater land mass up north?

  12. Practical without being shitty, I like that. But I’d rather be Sun Tzu (“The art of war is the art of deception.”).

  13. i liked the sound of Nos. 1 and 9.

    but you’re right, there are words that sounds better in tagalog no matter how good your translations are

    btw, congrats again for being No.1 at the top 10 influential blogs

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