The commercial in the Philippines that’s making waves in the internet has now come to the doorstep of Paolo Mendoza. And with his band of schizo-personalities, the Bacon and Eggs presents to you the first non-stupid performance of the song Sinabawang Gulay!

The video was not hard to make as you can see because Paolo (center), Kevin (paolo’s left) and Ahmad (paolo’s right) were very professional. Hopefully this will land them some commercial unlike these little bastards under here…

End notes:
Thanks to Heneroso Bistokya for the influence! This performance will vanish to oblivion after 5 days


  1. you know, my friends tell me the same thing. i used to be weird; now i’m beginning to be mainstream. I must go bald.

  2. mainstream…
    i dont think i can handle something like that…

    but if ever the time does come that you are so famous that you actually get money from being ‘mainstream’ well, put in a good word for me :p

  3. hahahahahaha siguro kung napanood ko to nung nasa kinder 2 or grade 1 ako di ko to papanoorin kasi magigigng way to ng mama ko para paka inin ako ng gulay lalo na ng UPO.

    nung mga panahong yun pa naman uso ang mga obese na bata at nung mga panahong din yun ayaw ko talaga sa mataba.

    add ko to sa faves ko sa youtube. SAYA! hehehehe

    deadmahin ko na lang yung matabang bata sa video

  4. helloooo! ano naman ang sinabi nung mga tyanak na naka-dilaw sa version mo? i just have one note, though: si ahmad yata (or was it kevin), under-rehearsed. di sya sumasabay sa dalawa sa steps. yun lang.

  5. hey hey! salamat sa pag-post, ito yung favorite commercial ng pamangkin ko, sa wakas nakita ko na rin. 🙂

    Ang cute din nung version mo, galing! 😉

  6. I feel slightly embarassed for you… But I do love seeing people looking silly! Wahahahaha! Obvious naman na natatawa ka sa sarili mo. Hehehe…

    I can’t take it anymore!

  7. Gah! Someone must have thrown a vegetable conspiracy into this pathetic republic. Which explains the TV ad, the Pichay slogan, the “Kalabasha” character (in MLQ3’s column) and a very ‘soggy’ Zubiri (hm, it rhymes with zucchini). Nice work on the PV btw! Love, LOVE the hair!

  8. @gypsy
    kids say the darnest things do they

    sure sure

    tenks tenks. gawa ka rin. ahihi


    gulay turns your poop to different colors

    international na yan

    you have to make one of these. it’s a freeing experience

    who’s hot? me.

    i am the master of the pointy-dance

    …sa sinabawang gulay

    tenks tenks. yey!

    @cant u read
    pasaway tlga si Ahmad eh. ilang beses ko ng sinabihan late pa rin.

    @coffee fairy

    i tread the realm of both embarrassed and proud.

    i could imagine moms letting their kids listen to the song to let them eat all those fungi.

  9. hiram, ibblog ko to ha? tsaka wag mo na pansinin ang end note. this deserves to be immortalized, hehehe. way to go pao! astig!

  10. sinabawang gulay is like a craze na… i even got an mp3 posted in my blog… hehehe… and it’s downloadable at the end of the entry! hahhaha goodness gracious!

  11. Ewan ko nga ba kung ano’ng meron sa “sinabawang gulay” craze at pinagtitripan sa internet.

    Sana may cover din ang Rage Against The Machine niyan. 😀

  12. Man, this is brilliant! Haha! Keep making videos PAo!

    Hope I had the guts to do these kinds of videos. Maybe next week. Haha!

  13. very, very funny. natawa ako! it’s my first time here and it looks like i’ll be visiting your often in the future. kudos to bacon and eggs! ^__^

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