The death of Harry Potter sent a dark cloud hovering over Hogwarts; there was nothing he could do. Voldemort had struck him with a decomposing spell that slowly drove his body to rot.

The great war in the realm of magic had taken its toll on every wizard, forcing them to take sides, making them betray even the ones they treasured the most. Ron was one of these, turning Harry in to Voldemort in the promise of his father’s freedom, but not after killing Hermoine himself.

But Voldemort saw Ron’s vengeful heart. He knew that he would be back for retribution after he had freed his father from the clutches of his soldiers. It was only proper for them to be slaughtered together; after all, it was Potter whom he needed.

With the confession of Ron Weasley, the armies of Voldemort charged to the Forbidden Forest where Harry had been protected by Snape, Hagrid and the centaurs. Voldemort advanced ruthlessly with his army; slaying anyone who stood in his way. Hagrid was the first to die among these revolutionaries, speared to a tree by a soldier. The war was swift and easy. The centaurs could only provide help in letting the wizards, Snape and Harry, get away.

The forces of the Dark Lord was quick to overpower the centaurs, reaching the two wizards near the edge of the forest. Snape would take one final stand to protect Harry by sending him back to Hogwartz through a spell that opened a secret door to the Chamber of Secrets, a place hidden beneath the school of wizardry where Harry would be safe.

Escaping Voldemort yet again, Harry fell asleep in the chamber and dreamt of Dumbledore. It was here that he learned his scar’s connection to the evil wizard – that a fragment of Voldemort’s soul had been transferred to Harry 14 years ago when the Order of the Phoenix killed him, that Dumbledore was one of the wizards who had executed the spell that separated the Dark Lord’s soul thereby preventing him from coming back, that Harry was now holding the final piece of Voldermort’s omnipotence inside his scar, and that the Dark Lord would become immortal if he is ever to sieze it. All of this, however, proved too late as it was the Dark Lord himself who’d wake up the young Potter. Striking the scar amidst the boys sleep, Voldemort would successfully complete the final piece to his omnipotence. Harry could only watch as the evil wizard brought back his human form.

It was here that Harry, refusing to bow before Voldemort, took his last stand. Attacking the evil one with all that was left of him, Harry would fill the chamber with spells only the greatest of wizards could fulfill. Still, the Dark Lord proved all too powerful for the young Potter, mocking what had become of him, insulting his parents, revealing to him how he killed Snape, and how Ron had snitched him away. Voldemort prodded Harry to give all that he could give ’til the young wizard himself gave up.

Then it was the Dark Lord’s turn.

Whispering a spell towards his wand, Voldemort would release a black cloud as small as his fist that slowly floated towards Harry, which struck his hand. Harry felt nothing, there was no pain; it was as if a slight breeze had touched his skin. Distraught, the young wizard would look to Voldemort blank to the magic he had just pulled.

And then it happened. Realizing what evil hid behind a seemingly harmless cloud, the young wizard felt an overwhelming burning pain in his hand. Harry grimaced as he held his arm to see what had happened. Harry’s hand turned blue, then purple, then grey, then black and finally it began to decompose. It was then that Harry understood his fate; that he was now rotting alive.

The spell spread from Harry’s hand to his shoulders, to his neck then to his face, til it took over his whole body. The young Potter begged, and wept, and pleaded to the Dark Lord as maggots began to ooze from the corpse he would become. He lay on the ground asking the Dark Lord for mercy, offering himself to the evil one; but it could not be undone. It was a slow torture for Harry and Voldemort treasured every single moment of it ’til there was nothing left of him.



  1. I wonder how they’ll do this scene in the final movie? I would love to see Harry slowly rotting and maggots coming out of his body!

    I already have a book! I will still kill Harry though!

  2. i should be put to jail. uhuh. i havent read any single hp book. though i have all the dvds, yeah yeah, i know its different. the suspense is killing me though. argh. wonder when the movie would be out.

  3. @jigs
    i wish Harry had died in misery..

    oh not to worry, too many people have bought the book it is only a matter of time before you get to borrow one


  4. Nah, it has nothing to do with your descriptions and everything to do with my lack of knowledge in Harry Potter lore. I don’t even know what the Order of Phoenix is 😛

  5. palakpakan sa iyong ending!


    pero syempre ayokong mamatay si hermione. isa siya sa mga fave character ko eh. hehe

  6. shouldn’t it be 16 years ago? hmmm.. anyway, just finished reading hallows…hehehe…i’ll go for the real one. 😀

    rotting potter…weird ending eh?

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